Tainted Ties - Chapter OneMature

This is actually my creative writing coursework for English Language from my first year of college >.<
The theme we were given was "crime", so the teacher kept talking to us about writing from a detectives point of view and about the justice system and I decided to ignore all her advice and write from a completely different perspective >.< Not sure if that was wise or not, but you tell me :) hope you enjoy x

Chapter one


It wasn’t something I thought about often, but when I came home one day to see the bodies of my murdered parents, everything changed. It wasn’t long before the headlines appeared.

Daughter of murdered parents still on the run“, “Clarissa bane still missing after mysterious death of parents, Harry and Lisa bane”, “Clarissa, 16, hiding on the streets of Britain”.

Photo after photo would litter missing ads and soon after, wanted ones too. I don’t know who killed my parents, all I know is I got scared and ran. “One year since the tragic murders”.

I guess I don’t mind if you believe it all, everyone else does. For a year I’ve been hiding, my appearance has changed, and my once easy-going personality diminished. The girl once known as Clarissa Bane with long wavy blonde hair and bright eyes is now named Rissa woods and she has short spiky brown hair and green eyes that long lost their brightness.

I could start at the beginning of my life, but that would be a waste of both yours and my time. So I’ll start where everything changed. when clues about my parent's true assassin began to appear.

In a side street in a shifty part of East London was were it really started. I had been kicked out of my flat for missing yet another months rent and had no choice but to sleep outside. It wasn’t new to me, but I guess even I managed to get use to the comfort that a lumpy and tattered mattress can offer.

I had also forgot to check to see if anyone else was using this particular side street.

In the early hours of the morning I heard movement nearby and heard a male voice swearing quietly. I shot awake and quickly grabbed my stuff. I didn’t need to ask to know he was going through my stuff. Questions would only mean he’d get ‘em. I stood up and slung my bag over my shoulder and began to leave. He didn’t try to stop me which I was thankful for. I didn’t have much chance against a guy who was twice my size.

You got any dope in there?” his rough voice stopping me.

No I don’t, and even if I did, why would you want it?” it was a stupid question I know, but despite a year on and off the streets I’d managed never to start dirty habits.

Well, ya usually smoke it” he brandished with a mocking laugh. I looked at him more closely and realised he couldn’t have been much older than myself. His dirty young face was an unshaven mess with blue eyes. I think his hair was black, but with all the dirt it was impossible to really tell. I didn’t make a habit of picking up people but something was different about him. Even through he acted like your regular druggie something didn’t ring true. Ever since I was little my intuition had kept me out of the worst of things. So as you can imagine I was stunned when it was shouting at me not to leave this guy be.

What’s your name?” I asked turning to face him fully again.

Me?” he questioned a little taken aback, clearly he never learnt about introductions.

Yes, you, unless there’s someone hiding behind the dead end” I ridiculed rolling my eyes.

My mates call me Kris, what ‘bout you?” I speak my fake name without a second thought.

Well Rissa, what d’you want with me, if you don’t mind me askin’?” he asked,  I shook my head.

Nothing” I replied quickly.

I made my way to the pub I worked at and was immediately shouted at and fired for being late again. Its not my fault I didn’t have an alarm clock. I checked my purse, a pitiful fourteen pounds and seven pence. Through to a person on the streets it’s a pile of gold, if used right. I quickly ran though my head all the stands and the prices and set off on a mile walk to the cheapest stand I knew off. Also ran by a guy who liked to let a street person pay a little less.

I spent the rest of the day just walking place to place. It wasn’t until I noticed the fading light that I sensed a group behind me. I turned my head slightly and saw three guys all of whom I knew were trailing me. I could smell the alcohol from here and I had no intent on being near them. I began to quicken my pace. I relaxed when it sounded like they’d gone. But when I turned to see how far back they were. One of them as right behind me. Before I could let out a scream he covered my mouth with his right hand. And his left started exploring. How hadn’t I heard him creep up on me?! I struggled letting out muffles of distress.

Now, now, if you just do as me and my buddies say no one’ll get hurt, awright?” He murmured menacingly. Not "awright" I thought.

I lifted up my left leg and kicked back at his groin area, I was released instantly. But before I could run away another of the guys stood in front of me, blocking my path, the third and the recovering guy cornered me into the wall. The third grabbed my arms and threw me to the ground and held me there.

Well, last I checked that ain’t how you meanta treat a girl” Kris Shouted boisterously. All three of them turned and I scrabbled to my knees and turned my head too. The guy from earlier was standing there not at all phased by the fact that he was about to get the crap beaten out of him by all three of these guys. But before they could get to him the sound of sirens filled the air. The three guys all made a run for it. It wasn’t until after I woke up I remembered I should’ve run as well. 

The End

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