Emily-Surfing back to CalMature


I resurfaced the water and took a big breath to let in the air. I am not sure how many times I have fallen off the surfboard but I did. Jeremy on the other hand over the past two weeks mastered surfing in a week and now was surfing with the other men. I was still stuck with my teacher but today was my last lesson since tomorrow we are flying back in to California.

I found my board and decided that I needed fun, not getting mad at the waves. I waited for the next wave and took it, that one was a success. After that I joined Jeremy and the others. I knew what it was, luck, it was luck.

I needed to go away after I learned about David and New York. We haven’t spoken since our fight and I never got my things from him, I just figured that he would throw it away, like I did his things. Jeremy was cool and nice. He was closer to my age, we were only a year apart and we understood each other. I was happy with him. Last night, Jeremy and I bought presents for our families and friends so today was supposed to be for surfing and dinner outside watching the hula dancers. I didn’t mind, it would be interesting to turn my phone back on and see if I missed anything, but probably not. I was betting Jessica was enjoying the new house and her new life. It is a good thing that we live next door to one another or we would probably fall apart and our long lasting friendship would be gone. I know it is bad to think that way but its true, men and children tended to take a lot of time out of wives.

And no, Jeremy did not tell me that he loves me and I did not tell him those words. But I was meeting his parents and sister when we were going to be back in California. They invited us for a BBQ. It would be last BBQ before studying for the bar exam. With all the excitement of a new house next door, boys running around the house, and Jeremy, I did not study at all. It was like I have built a mental wall around my mind and refused to study. I still wanted to be a lawyer though. But maybe be a lawyer for the hospital where Jeremy worked, that way, we would at least have lunch together because I would be starting work.


The next day, we were in California and I already wanted to come back to Hawaii. Jeremy kissed me on the lips upon arrival and we had a taxi drive us back, I wanted it to be a surprise for Jess that I was home a couple of hours early.

When we got to our house, we paid taxi fare and looked around. Something was wrong. Both houses were quite and the grass was not cut. I rang the doorbell and no one answered. My phone was shaking so I couldn’t even call. Then I saw my neighbor walk out her house and walking in my direction. Jeremy and I walked over to her.

“Do you know where Jessica is?” I ask the lady.

“Yes.” There was a sad smile upon her face. “An ambulance has taken her to the hospital last week. Tyler has been by to pick up some stuff but they stay in a hotel next to the hospital in case of more news. “

“Thank you.” I answer and my legs become heavy. Jeremy walks us back to our house and hooks up the battery back into the car. He is the one driving to the hospital. I am shaking in the car and feel really stupid for being not accessible over the past couple of weeks.

When we get to the hospital, Jeremy asks for information about Jess and we go to her room. Being greeted by Tyler and the boys. 

The End

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