The calamityMature

So much has happened in the last month, and I felt run down. We had already moved into the new house, and they boys seemed to be settling in well. They loved the tree house, and the pool we had built.

They were seeing a therapist once a week, just to make sure they were dealing with their mother's death in a healthy way. Caleb has not shown much emotion about it, but Colton on the other hand still has crying spells. Their doctor says it's normal, and that all people mourn when they are ready in their own way. 

Tyler found a family oriented man to manage the store, and was in the last week on training him. Then he would be able to help me with the house, and the twins. He was doing his best to tend to the boys while he was home, and this gave me a break.

I hadn't heard much from Em lately, as her and Jeremy were spending a lot of time together. David was out of the picture, as he took a job offer in New York. I'm not sure whether this pushed Em to pursue Jeremy, or if her feelings were genuinely progress at that pace. She was away in Hawaii with him, and unavailable by phone on purpose. She was going to be gone for two weeks, and promised Jeremy would help her with her studies when they returned.

The house was empty now with me gone, and I looked in on it while Em was gone. I anticipate Jeremy will fill the empty gap that I once filled, and i know an empty house can be lonely.

Tyler was a little nervous when we found out the twins were both girls, but he was still happy. The boys were excited about the arrival of their new sisters, and wanted to help name them. We had pushed around a few names, but have not settled on any yet. We played with the options of Summer after Em, Julia after Tyler's mother, and Angelique because I always liked that name. We also mention Sarah and Seriah, Sammy and Tammy, Bella and Bethany, Lexus and Mercedes, and a few other names too. I had plenty of time to stick to a final decision, and Tyler was happy with whatever I chose.

We were hesitant on sending the twins to camp considering, but they were all for it. So they leave tomorrow for two weeks, and will be back in time for school. Between Tyler and I they had plenty of new clothes for school. We had already registered them ay Evans Elementary, and we met their teacher. In light of their situation, they teachers agreed to put them in the class together the first year. I had their bags packed, and Tyler took the morning off to drive them to the bus station.

The camp was only three hours away, but they encouraged them to ride as a group. They were so excited they couldn't sleep, so we let them stay up watching movies with us.


Tyler let me sleep in while he got the boys dressed, and then cooked us all breakfast. On the ride to the bus station the boys were anxious, and Tyler was nervous. We dropped them of and headed home, and I sensed Tyler missed them already.

"They will be fine baby, It's only two weeks," I said rubbing his hand.

"I know," He smiles.

Tyler had to go into work around lunch, and I was left to relax for the first time since we moved in. I was planning on taking advantage of it, and I started with a nice nap on the sofa.

They house had turned out beautiful from the oak floors and cabinets to the vaulted ceiling in the living room. Em had a hand in helping us with the design, and thinking about it made me miss her.

I didn't want to turn into those friends that forgot each other once they found a life of their own. Which was nearly impossible since we lived so close, but I wasn't sure how I felt about Jeremy yet. I accepted him so far, because he made Em happy, but was he healthy for her?

I drifted off, and was awaken by the doorbell. It was the workers letting me know they were going to finish the deck in the back yard, and wanted me to know they were back there. I waited for them to start working, and then I drew myself a bath in the large garden tub Em talked us into.

I filled tub tub with hot bubbly water, light some incense, and turned on some relaxing spa music. I was about to undress and enjoy my bath when I slipped on some water and lost my balance.

I must of blacked out, because when I opened my eyes again Tyler was hovering over me and I was being wheeled on a gurney. I was in a hospital, I was used to the smells so it was easy to figure out.

"What happened?" I asked him in a faint voice.

"You fell, one of the workers found you thank god," Tyler tells me." He called me and I rushed right home in time to meet the ambulance."

"The babies...are they...," I trailed off as my eyes became heavy again.

The End

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