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I left the house before anyone was awake and met Jeremy at the coffee house slash café. He already had our coffees and was reading a medicine book. He looked away from the book when he saw me sit down. I took a sip of the hot steaming coffee and smiled at him. He couldn’t look away from me.

“You…look really good.” Jeremy says while blushing.

“Thanks. So is that book interesting?” I point at the point have more coffee.

“Nah, I know everything, just wanted to impress you.” He winks at me and closes it.

“I guess you weren’t kidding from the last time we talked, huh.” I ask him seriously.

“I’m a doctor, I don’t kid.” Jeremy tells me.

We change the topic and he asks me about law school. In between he tells me doctor jokes which I turn into lawyer jokes. After about 40 minutes, Jess texts me letting me know she seen my new hairdo. I agree to breakfast with her. Jeremy asked if everything was ok and I told him about breakfast with Jess. He pouted and I told him that I will have breakfast with him. But our conversation led on the topic of where to go because the café did not have a proper breakfast that it was another twenty minutes till I realized to text Jess that I made other plans. She understood, thank god.

“Did you drive over?” Jeremy asks me when we left the café and were standing outside.

“Great! Can I drive your car? Mine is in the shop and I can show you a great breakfast and lunch place plus it is close to a race track.” Jeremy tells me.

I throw him the keys. “Race track?”

“Motorcycles.” Jeremy answers me and we get into the car.

“You don’t work today?” I ask him.

“Nope. Day off. Even doctors get days off. So race track?” Jeremy asks me with his flirty voice. I nod my head and turn on the music. He pulls out and we get on the way. I know Jeremy noticed the ring gone on my finger and he was good about not saying anything about it. I wonder if he still likes or me he only liked me because I was engaged…but that thought leaves my head fast because he starts talking about the excitement of race tracks.


A couple of hours later after we had breakfast, Jeremy and I were standing with other people, drinking beer and listening to motor. I was wearing sunglasses and was super happy about that. Not because of the sun but because of all the sand. According to Jeremy, this place was for those who wanted to have fun but sometimes people did get hurt. It was like someone was trying to prove his point, because a motorcycle slit and fell over with the driver falling off. I cringed and Jeremy pulled me to him.

After that I started cheering just like the rest of the crowd and was actually enjoying my time. They had a couple of races and only one accident. I walked off to check my phone to see if anyone called or texted. It was impossible to hear a phone ring in this place. No texts from David, I couldn’t understand how a relationship was heading toward eternity and then break the next second. Jeremy walked up behind me.

“He did not call?” Jeremy asks me with concern behind his eyes.

“Who? Oh Jess is probably busy with her new family. I was just making sure everything was ok.” I tell him and run my fingers through my hair.

He steps closer to me. “You don’t need to lie Em. The ring is gone, you two broke up. What happened? I can listen.” I don’t know why, but I tell him what happened. After I am done, his expression changes from anger to laughter. “Well then, you are a free gal to do whatever you want. And now we can have a real date.”

“You mean this doesn’t count as a date? But Jeremy, we just broke up. I don’t think you want to be in a relationship with me and be my rebound guy.” I tell him and he only laughs again.

“There is no rule that rebound relationships cannot work out, Emily Summers. Give me a chance.” Jeremy cups my face and leans in to kiss me. Again, for some reason, I do not push him away and accept his lips. I didn’t know if it was a good idea or not but I kissed back and wrapped my arms around his neck. I felt like a new person and it felt different with Jeremy. We talked about a variety of things unlike with David.

After we pull apart, “I’ll give you a chance but I will not give it all to this relationship until I am sure you are the one.” I was happy that I could still stand up for myself.

He smiles at me and says “Challenge accepted.” I blink and then both of us laugh.

We stay until 6:00PM, and then I drop him off home and come home. I felt like I was away for too long. I came home around dinner time seeing that Jess already prepared dinner. 

The End

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