Father's dayMature


I’m not sure when Em got home, but I saw her note about meeting Jeremy for coffee when I got up with the boys. I must have just missed her, but I was glad she was back. I saw all the gifts she had gotten us, it was just like her to be so thoughtful.

The boys and I made Tyler eggs, bacon, toast and coffee in the mug Colton picked out. I held the door open, and the boys called out,” Surprise!”

“Oh wow is this for me?” Tyler asked the boy winking at me.

Caleb handed Tyler the self wrapped shirt, and Colton made mention of the mug. Tyler was so grateful of me for doing this with them, and I informed him of my plans at the salon.

On my way to the salon I decided to drive by the café I thought Em would be at, and I spotted her car. I saw her inside with Jeremy, and they were laughing and having a good time. I noticed she had changed her hair, at first I didn’t know it was her.

I pulled up to the Salon which opened at 7:00 am, and I still had a few minutes. I texted Em while I waited for Glenda.

Jess: nice do

Em: are you spying on me little sister

Jess: no drove by on the way to the salon

Em: sure…lol

Jess: join me for real breakfast when you’re done there. I left the boys with Tyler for Father’s day.

Em: OK text ya when I’m on my way.

I saw Glenda pull up, and waited for her to unlock the door. I was half way through my pedicure When Em text me apologizing that she had made other plans. So I decided to get a facial, manicure, and leg waxing too.

I wondered where Em had ended up going, but I wasn’t going to pry. When she is ready , she will let me know.

So after the salon I decided to stop by the diner,(my old job) and grab some breakfast. Aside from Em’s they had the best pancakes in town.

Penny was there, and I caught her up on what was going on in my life. She couldn’t believe I was having twins. I told her I would have a house warming party when the house was complete. This was supposed to be in three more weeks. I also told penny I find out the gender of the babies next week. She invited us all to her 4th of July BBQ, and fireworks afterwards.

After I was full I headed home, when I arrived Em’s car was still gone. Tyler was wrestling with the boys in the front yard, and the neighbors were mowing their lawns.

Tyler came to my side and we starred across the street, admiring the construction of our new future together. I had come so far, and now I felt like it was Em who needed me. I wanted to be there for her, but she had a way of shutting people out. She would not allow herself to be known as weak or helpless.

So the fact that I didn’t know where she was shocks me a little. She could be trying to talk to David, out with Jeremy still, shooting the breeze with Ikuto or god knows where.

Tyler could see the worry on my face as he spoke, “Don’t worry Em’s a strong girl, and she will come home when she is ready.”

“I know, I just don’t want her to lose track of her study for the bar,” I exhaled.

“She won’t Tyler,” said confidently.

I mentioned The BBQ to Tyler, and he thought it a good idea. We all went into the house, and I started some laundry. I pulled out some chicken to cook for dinner later, and joined the boys in the living room.

“Let’s get a pool,” I announced.

“You mean right this minute?” Tyler asks.

“Yeah daddy, a pool,” both boys joined in.

“Sure, why not?” I replied while I text Em asking if it’s OK.

“OK sure,” he smiled grabbing the car keys.

Em text me back approving my request, and told me she would be home later.

The End

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