Emily- a new meMature


I spent the day going on rides, eating food and flirting with men. I also found a place to sell my ring. It hurt, David did not text me at all. It seemed it was over and I didn't get it. Jeremy texted me about my day and I wanted to talk. I ignored his texts and went with my day.

I also decided to spend a second day at Disneyland. In the morning, I went to do a makeover. While the ladies were taking care of my nails, the hair stylist cut my hair. It became shoulder length and went from brown to red. The salon had a tattoo parlor next door so I got myself a tattoo of a rose next to my ankle. I used the money from the ring. 

When I was walking from the Peter Pan ride, I got a text from Ikuto and Jeremy. I rolled my eyes and ran up to a guy playing Goofy. His help took a pic of us and I texted the pic to both guys. The message below the picture said: Never Better. I got two responses.

Ikuto: I should have known you would go to Disneyland.

Jeremy: You should have invited me! I love Goofy ;)

I smiled and continued to other rides and shopping. I bought Toy Story two toys for the boys, a nightlight for the babies into the nursery and pirate hats for Jess and Tyler. Maybe they could have a pirate wedding. I bet the boys would love it.

After watching the fireworks show, I started driving home. I was in better spirits. I still haven't heard from David and decided that my new look did not deserve him. If he wanted someone else, I didn't care. When I arrived home, it was about 3:00AM. I texted Jeremy in the car about coffee, if he wanted to get some in the morning that is. He texted me back agreeing: Same time, same place.

I walked into the house. The lights were off downstairs so I used my cells light to light my up the stairs. I tiptoed sat Jess's room into mine and closed the door. 

The End

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