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I got a text from Em telling me she was going out of town for the weekend. She had a rough blow with the news about David, and needed some time. She decided to go to Disney land, and stay in a hotel for the night. Even Tyler didn't have a clue that David had a mistress either, and he stayed with him for a while.

When we got to the house the boys were all tuckered out, and Tyler ran them a bath before going to sleep. I went to the kitchen for a snack while I waited for them to finish. When my left over pizza was gone I joined Tyler in the boys room, he was reading them a story.

"We want Jessica to read us a story," Caleb said announcing my presence in the doorway.

Tyler looked at me," Do you mind pumpkin?"

"Pumpkin?" both boys giggled as I picked up The Velveteen Rabbit.

By the time I finished, I looked up to see the boys fast a sleep. Tyler had passed out on the bottom bunk with Colton. I shook him lightly and his eyes popped open, we left the boys room into ours.

Colton was more calm and needy , where Caleb was independent and free spirited. I was a good combination. I adored them both, and I only hoped they like me too.

Once we were in my room we changed , and decided to watch a movie with Em gone. It was a taste of what life would be like once the house was built, and I was digging it. I snuggled up to Tyler and we watched The Vow, on of my favorite movies.

"Thank you for spending the day with the boys, and the whole mommy thing," Tyler said as the credits rolled.

"It was nothing," I said feeling appreciated.

Tyler pulled me into a hug, "Jess you are the best thing that has happened to me, and I have never loved anyone as much as I love you."

His sweet words made me tear up, " I love you to Baby."

I threw a load of the boys clothes in the wash, and then we went to bed.

"I should take the boys shopping for clothes tomorrow," I suggested.

Tyler agreed it was a good idea, he thought they might like something new. Plus with Em gone, it would get boring all day alone again.


Tyler didn't wake the boys this morning, so I had to hungry bouncing boys at the end of my bed around 9:00am. He had left me a note on the night table with one of his credit cards, and told me to go crazy.

I threw on my robe and met the boys in the kitchen, they were simple and chose cereal. After breakfast I out on Toy Story while I showered and got dressed. Tyler had put some clean clothes on their bed for them, I guess he finished the laundry this morning.

I took them to the mall in the next big town over, and their eyes lit up. This mall happen to have a carousel in it, so six rides later I managed to get them to the clothes. I tried to pick out thing I thought Tyler would like, and the lady at the store helped me. She could tell I was a first time mother, and I explained my situation. She had three boys of her own, and was happy to help out.

I text Em and told her about the mall, and the shopping spree we were having. She was having a blast herself, and she seemed happy.

After we hit up a few stores for the boys, I wanted to find something for Tyler. I had almost forgot tomorrow was Father's Day. I let the boys each pick something out. Caleb selected a blue and red stripped shirt, and Colton selected a #1 Dad coffee mug. Then we headed to the food court, and got some hot dogs and ice cream.

I text Tyler while they ate their ice cream, and gave him a run down of our day so far minus the gifts for him. I told the boys we had to keep it secret now. We got rid of our trash and were about to head home, when I saw David.

He had some little blonde tramp wrapped around his arm, and I could see why he kept her secret. She was the trashiest thing I had ever seen. Her dyed blonde hair which needed another coat as her roots showed, her trashy cut off shorts, and her annoying bubble gum popping. I'm not sure what he was thinking, Em was a princess next to this chic. He saw me and quickly turned into a store, and I was glad to avoid that awkward moment.

I usually tell Em everything, but she didn't need to know about this. It wasn't really a secret, I'm sure she doesn't tell me every person she sees during our time apart.

We still had time to kill, so I took the boys to the new Rio movie, and I got to pig out on popcorn. When the movie was over the boys were ready to go home. The fell asleep on the car ride there, but woke up once we hit the neighborhood.

I hadn't heard from Em, so I didn't know if she was coming home tonight or staying there again. So I had just planned on making enough dinner for all of us. I snacked on the leftover meatloaf while the boys played go fish and made cards for Tyler.

Tyler had two interviews today so I was hoping he would find someone, not that I didn't love spending time with the boys. They need him right now, and he needs them just as much. I scheduled a pedicure at the salon tomorrow so the boys could spend time with him on Father's Day. I would sneak out early and help them make him breakfast in bed.

The boys finished their cards and concealed them in their room just as Tyler pulled into the drive. I could tell he was in a good mood as he came whistling up the porch.

"Hello Mrs. Wilson," he tells me with a kiss.

I give him time to settle in and let him know I'm going to make dinner. He asks where Em is and I let him know I hadn't heard from her lately. He insisted on making dinner and talked me into taking a hot bubble bath. A perfect ending to a productive day.

I hope Em was having fun, and a little happier then the night before.

The End

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