Emily-Running awayMature


I was mad when I left the house. I spent crying last night until my body ran out of energy. I did nothing wrong, I told him what happened and I didn’t keep it a secret. I couldn’t understand why he got so mad at me. I thought things were going great and my mind was supposed to be on passing the bar exam and setting a date for the wedding. Jess was right, if we are already having problems of trust, we either need to work things out or break up. Those hurt because I thought just like Jess that I found my happiness.

I got out of my car and looked where I was. Without even thinking, I drove to campus, where I had classes with Jeremy. I shook my head at my stupidity but decided to walk around campus anyway. I was surprised to see a lot of construction. They were building a new student union. The notes said that the old one will be torn down. I decided to take a pic of the old student union for memory; I used to spend a lot of time on the couches for sleep while I waited for classes to begin or in between. I was happy to see that students still did that since I passed three sleepers. I walked over inside the cafeteria and got myself a subway sandwich, chips, and soda. There were a lot of empty tables and I was going to choose one but then I saw Ikuto. He was at his laptop so I wasn’t sure if he noticed me or not. I dropped into the chair opposite him making him look up.

“Em, my favorite gal! What you doing on campus?” Ikuto says very happily.

I roll my eyes and feel jealousy at his happy mood. “Not a clue, Ikuto. Just ended up being here that is all. What you doing anyway on your fancy computer?”

Ikuto raises his hand to his chest and does puppy dog eyes. “Me?? I am doing absolutely nothing.” I kick him under the table and glare at him. “Ok, fine. A jealous wife hired me to spy on her husband who teaches here. Gotta make money you know. Now, spill your secrets Em. I can tell you are not in a good mood so no more games.”

I unwrapped my sandwich and bit into it. Ikuto, however started tapping his foot making the table shake. After finishing half of the sandwich, I break and tell him everything that happened. “Well?” I ask after I finished opening up my heart to him.

“I think he is hiding something. A guilty consciousness.” Ikuto tells me and my heartbeat increases.

“Gees, Ikuto, that’s a huge jump to that.” I tell him and wrap the second half of sandwich. I cannot eat anything.

“It isn’t a jump. I know he is hiding something.” Ikuto says.

“You checked him out, didn’t you?” I ask him feeling shocked and nauseous.

He didn’t even look guilty. “I wanted to make sure he was ok to date. I was going to call you but you were so busy with your house renovations…and I had a case. Em, I am sorry but David has a mistress. Even when he was dating the woman before you, he had that mistress. He is probably shocked that you were so open with him it was only about a guy who turned up in your life and he could not let go of his affair.”

I felt like a truck hit me. How da hell could David hide this from me? He either spent time with me or Tyler or at work. But I knew that Ikuto would not lie to me. Yeah, my life was not peachy. I took my food and left the table without saying good-bye. Ikuto knew that I needed space. I walked out of the cafeteria and started walking around campus. My mind could not wrap around it.


I opened my eyes to see Jeremy in front of me. I looked around to see that I was leaning against a tree. I guess I fell asleep. “Sleeping beauty at our favorite tree.” He said those words making me flinch and I looked closer at my surroundings. This was indeed one of the trees that I used to hide behind. “You weren’t looking for me were you? That would make me happy.”

“No Jeremy. I just fell asleep that is all.” I tell him and he helps me to my feet. “What you doing back on campus?”

Jeremy touches my face and touches the bags underneath my eyes. I cried more and I realized that I looked like a mess. “You been crying. What happened?”

“I wasn’t crying. I just have allergies. It was good to see you Jeremy but I need to go.” I tell him. I am not in the mood to see my crush. Yes I had classes with him years back and sometimes we had lunch together, well in a group anyway and I heard him talk about himself and joke. But Jeremy felt like an open wound that was reopening while David was a new wound that I just received. Do I really not know the man that made me erase my barrier around me?

“I know allergies and you are not crying because of them. Did David do something? I can find him and beat him up for you.” Jeremy tried smiling at the end of his offer.

I step away from him. “Why do men always assume that women cry over them? As I said I need to go. See you around Jeremy.” He doesn’t follow me as I walk to my car. I got into the car and looked at my cell for time. It showed 3:00PM. I gripped the wheel with two hands and lowered my head on the steering wheel. My day sucked. It took me ten minutes to calm down and decide on what to do next. I decided to drive to Los Angeles and go to Disneyland. I needed fun and get away.

It took me a couple of hours to drive to Los Angeles. I got a hotel a walking distance from Disneyland, shopped at Target for a change of clothing and DVDs, since the room had a DVD player. Bought wine and food and spent half of night watching movies.

In the morning, I stepped into the park like I was the happiest woman on earth. 

The End

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