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I secretly glanced at Tyler and the boys all hugged up on the couch watching Lion King , and it made me smile. I went to go get the popcorn out of the microwave, when David stormed out the door. He didn't even tell me good-bye, just slammed the door and squealed off. When I returned to the living room Tyler looked at me with a questioning look.

"David just left angrily, and slammed the door behind him," I whispered in his ear. "Don't worry I will go check on EM, be back in a few.

I went upstairs, but Em's door was closed so I knocked.

"Em, can I come in?" I called from behind the locked door. I could hear her crying into her pillow, so I wouldn't hear her.

She got up and unlocked the door for me to come in, then returned back to the bed. I sat down next to her as she explained what had happened. I told her that if he didn't respect her honesty then they had more problems that coffee. He should trust her, and it's OK to have male friends, maybe David is feeling guilty about something himself. By the time I left Em seemed a little less upset, and she wanted to go to sleep so I left her.

I returned back to Tyler and the boys, just in time to tuck them into bed. Tomorrow we were going to take them to the park after Tyler got of work, to try and explain things to them. I was going to keep them busy during the day , while Tyler was at the store. I wasn't going to bother Em, unless she volunteered her time.

When Tyler and I climbed into bed, it felt like my future had begun. The boys were here under the roof with us, and we had the house being built to start our new family. I took a deep breath, and then rolled on my side.

"What's wrong pumpkin?" Tyler asked sensing my mood.

"I can't sleep," I tell him.

"What's on your mind?" he pries.

"What if the boys don't like me?" I ask hesitantly.

Tyler put his arm around me, " Sweetie they will like you just fine, they just need time to adjust."

"I understand that totally, I just don't want them to hate me," I shed a tear.

Tyler kissed my cheek, " Everything will work out, you'll see."

Then I heard his soft snoring moments later, and I soon joined his sleep.


I woke up before everyone else, from the smell of Tyler making breakfast. I assumed it was him by the empty space next to me, but when I went out Em was up to. They were laughing and having a good time cooking breakfast. Either Em and David made up, or Em was using this as a distraction.

"Morning," they both chimed when they saw me standing there.

"Morning," I returned in a groggy voice.

I started to set the table for the pancakes and eggs they had made, and Tyler went to wake the boys. I stared at the clock and it read 7:00am, Tyler had mentioned he didn't want to just leave to the store without letting the boys know.

"Everything OK Em," I asked curiously.

"Couldn't be better," she answered sounding a little false.

"Did you talk to Dav..., " I started to say and she changed the subject.

" I have some errands to run today, so you will be with the boys on your own," she notified me.

"OK," I said in more of a question.

"I'm going to go shower," she said leaving the kitchen as the half sleep boys came into the kitchen with Tyler.

She had managed to escape while we were eating breakfast, and I couldn't ask her anymore questions before she headed out the door. After Tyler finished eating, he got in the shower too. I was cleaning up the kitchen, when he came in full dressed for work. he kissed me, then went to the living room where the boys were watching cartoons. I walked into the living room when I finished, and he was sitting next to the boys.

"Boys Jess will look after you while I'm at work, then when I get home we can go to the park OK?" he tells them.

They nod and then look over at me, they really didn't know me well yet and seemed a little shy.

"Daddy why is here belly big," Caleb asks.

This made us both chuckle, and the both waited clueless for an answer.

"Well, Jess is having babies, twins like you," He explained.

They didn't seem to ask anymore questions, they just returned to their cartoons and Tyler left for work. I sat down in the chair, and watched them laugh at the cartoons. I had absolutely no idea what to do all day. I wasn't good at this stuff, but I had to learn as an expecting mother.

My mind wandered off to Em, and I wondered what her plans were for today. Was she going to talk to David, had they made up? Was she meeting up with Jeremy, or was she just taking a me day? I tried not to let it worry me to much, but I text her anyway.

Jess: Are you sure your OK?

Em: I'm fine, just had things to do

Jess: OK

After two more hours of television the boys looked bored, and I remembered the color books we purchased. So I got them from the room and asked the boys to come to the kitchen table to color. They did as I asked, and this was my chance to try and bond.

"So what grade will you been in this year?" I ask them

"First grade," Colton replies softly.

"would you like a snack?" I ask them, and they both nod.

I got the goldfish out on the pantry, and placed a handful in two separate bowls in front of them. Then I got them Capri suns from the fridge, Tyler didn't let them drink soda. I grabbed myself a few pickles and sat at the table with them.

"Do you want to color with us," Caleb asks.

So I take the page he hands me and select a crayon, and the go back to their own picture. Then the they asked the question I had been dreading to help Tyler answer.

It was Caleb who asked," Where is our mommy?"

"Where do you think she is?" I asked stalling for time as I text Tyler.

He gave the green light to answer if I felt comfortable, he thought maybe coming from a woman may be softer. So I took a deep breath and searched for the right words as Caleb finally answered me. " I don't know"

"Well you know what Heaven is right?" I ask them both.

They put their crayons down and give me their undivided attention, they are interested.

"Yes, that's were people to when they die to be with god and watch over us," Caleb answered he seemed to be the less shy of the two.

"That's right," I said carefully.

I wish Em was here to help me right now, but I knew eventually I would have to learn on my own.

"So mommy is there?" Colton broke the silence as the tears streamed down his face.

Oh no tears, I was not prepared for this. Caleb seemed to hold it together as Colton began to cry harder. I tried to console him, but he ran off into the room.

Caleb stayed at the table, and continued coloring. I stared at him, wondering why he was OK and Colton wasn't. He must have felt me staring at him, because he finally spoke.

"I heard Daddy and David in the car, they thought I was sleeping," he confessed. "I miss mommy, but I know god will take care of her until I get there."

"Yes he will, and she loves you very much, " I reassure him.

Caleb seems very intelligent for his age, and that helped ease the tension a little. I told him I was going to check on Colton and would be right back.

When I got to the room Colton was fast asleep, with tears drying on his face. I got the blanket from the end of the bed and covered him with it. When I returned to the kitchen Caleb had put up all the crayons and was waiting for me.

"Can we play checkers?" he asks me as I enter.

"I love checkers," I tell him knowing I haven't played in years.

I set up the game on the table and be started the game.

"I'm really good , but I'll take it easy on you cause your a girl," Caleb warned me.

"OK thanks," I said giggling.

We played about five games, and then Colton finally came back out of the room.

"I'm hungry," He said quietly standing at the table.

I looked at the clock and it was lunch time, so I opened the pantry and searched for something to make.

"Are we hungry for soup and grilled cheese, or tuna sandwich?" I asked.

"Tuna," they both answered at the same time.

I made all three of us sandwiches and sat at the table with them. Tyler text just as I was finishing, and he was asking how things were going. I let him know not to worry, I had it under control.

The rest of the day went by enjoyably quick, and Tyler was walking in before I realized. I was in the kitchen making meatloaf and baked potatoes, and Em still wasn't home. I was getting a little worried, but Tyler told me she seemed fine at breakfast. The thing was he didn't know like I did, that EM was a great actress.

After dinner I wrote Em an note while Tyler got the boys ready for the park. I let her know where we were going, and that I left her a plate in the fridge. Then we piled in Tyler's car and left.

The house was coming along nicely I noticed, as Tyler told the boys that was going to be our new house. They got excited when Tyler told them they would have a tree house.

When turned off the street, and our next destination was the park.

The End

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