Emily-Wrong choice to tell?Mature


Jess ended up choosing to do Mac and Cheese for dinner because of the six year old rascals. While I helped her out with dinner, David and Tyler played Blokus with the boys. It was a good game for four people. It proved good that David and I liked games because the boys were excited over the game collection. The dinner was all about the boys and their favorite toys back in Texas.

Tyler and David spoiled them at the table as well with multiple helpings of mac and cheese. Jess and I were the bad guys because we kept saying to eat in moderation. After dinner, Tyler lowed for a Disney movie which Jess joined iron the fun. David was king a shower and I was sitting on my bed watching the doorway.

I was debating on telling him about Jeremy and on saying what exactly. I knew from experience that keeping thins like this would just make more problems for me. 

David walked out of the bath fully dressed. He had to get back home to go over the case. I was not helping on this case. "It is so good to see you bunny. The past couple of nights felt like hell without you."

I smiled and pulled him to me, feeling safe. "I missed you, too. Pickle shopping g is getting tough. Hey, ummm. I need to tell you something." 

"What is it? You sound serious all of a sudden." David pulls away from me and both of us it down on the bed. 

"Well, today I saw a guy...I knew him in college. I had a crush on him actually." David's expression changes but he doesn't say anything. "He is back in town and he confessed that he likes me." David looks mad now. "I told him that I am engaged but he ignored it. He said that until the 'I do' there is a chance for me to fall for him. I...I wanted to tell you what happened so yeah but you got nothing to worry about because I love you." 

"When did you talk to him?" David asks me. 

"We had coffee together. He just wanted to catch up on what happened tooth graduates." I try calming him down.

"Yeah it was just coffee and telling you that he likes you meant nothing." David's voice becomes louder.

"I told you it meant nothing." I can feel tears coming on.

 "agreeing to coffee...means something." David say and gets up. "I'm leaving. Good night."

"David...David don't go. It meant nothing seeing him." I really started crying now. I felt broken and sad. He shook his head, took his keys from the small desk by the door and left.

He didn't hide his loud footsteps as he made his way downstairs and he slammed the front door. I didn't follow him. My body hurt and I curled up into a ball on the bed, crying hysterically. 

The End

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