Emily-An almost astronomy confessionMature


Jess's comment about me not being as serious with David bothered me. I heard the water turn on and looked around the room. It was spotless. The bunk beds had mattresses and new sheets. The closet came the bunk beds so that was good. No table yet, Jess and I figured Tyler would go with the boys for it. I looked down at the text. I never dreamed the guy that I fell for would know my name or remember me saying in class that I wanted to be a lawyer. I also never dreamed of having his number, well I did...but I never thought that I would actually get it. I shook my head. It is just coffee, and Jeremy will notice the ring...no one can miss when a gal wears diamonds on her finger.

I rushed to my room and changed clothes. I pulled my hair into a messy ponytail and texted back Jeremy. He let me know he will have coffee at the ready. I didn't leave a note for Jess because I knew that I could not resist the temptation of coffee...especially after the all-nighter.

Ten minutes later, I pulled into the parking lot and walked inside. Jeremy was at a table, he waved and I saw two coffee cups. "Hey, morning doctor." I joked and almost hit myself because my voice sounded like I was flirting.

"Morning judge, I wasn't sure what coffee you preferred, but I figured on adding some sweetness of caramel. By the way you look like a cute mess," Jeremy tells me and I blush again. I should really stop blushing.

"I am not a judge but you got my favorite coffee. I had no sleep due to turning a storage room into a boys room." I take the coffee cup with my hand that has the ring on.

"Boys?" Jeremy asks me with his eyes falling onto my ring but he doesn't say anything about it.

"Yeah, I live with my best friend, her fiancés house burned down so he was staying with my boyfriend but now he has full custody of the kids from the first marriage and so they will be staying with us until the new house is built." I tell him and realize that I did not say David's name or that he was my fiancé.  

"Now that sounds busy." Jeremy tells me. "So tell me about the guys from our classes. Did they stick around after college? You still friends with any of them? What pushed you to become less shy and open up?"

I glare at him and laugh from nervousness. "Well a lot happened but I do not think I have time for a full recap of events." I continue on tell him about who stayed and who left. Even though I was shy to talk to him in college, we still knew the same people. I told him about what happened a couple of months ago...me killing a man. I was hoping that would push Jeremy away. So he would not call me again because I really did want to focus on David but now for the past couple of hours...Jeremy was on my mind. Especially the moment when I almost told him that I liked him.

After I was done, Jeremy shrugged. "Sounds rough. So you really into this David dude?"

From everything that I told him, he was focusing on David. I did say David in the story recap so that made me feel better. "Yeah, he just proposed and I am super happy. We are great together."

"So you love him?" Jeremy asks me the question that I was spending my time on...for the past couple of weeks on.

"Yes, I do, he is my bunny." I blushed at using the nickname that I use on David.

Jeremy looked away from me. "I got five minutes before I need to drive over to the hospital. But I want to say something." He paused and looked directly at me now. "I knew you liked me in college. The guys always made fun of you because you would hide whenever you would see me. Either behind a tree or a door or a building. I found it cute. I even thought that at one point you were going to confess your feelings to me. That day in the astronomy dome, we ended up sitting next to each other in the elective class about astronomy. You looked at me and opened your mouth but then we got interrupted. You know what is funny? I had feelings for you too but the way you were shy made me shy too. I am back now and I will try to win your heart. I have time to win your heart, till the very moment you say 'I do' to David...I have time."

My mouth is dry at his confession and I look shocked at him. He liked me...but he couldn't tell me then because of how I was around him. There were no words in my head and all I wanted was to drive home and talk to Jess. I needed to talk with Jess.

Jeremy got up from his stool and stood in front of me, I looked at him without uttering any words. "I wonder who you would choose in the end?" Jeremy asks me and lightly kisses me on the lips. He then walks out leaving me breathless at the table.

A minute later, I am in the car, driving home. I get home and walk in. Jess is fixing flowers by the front door. She looks me up and down and her expression changes.

"What happened?" She asks me and I just stare into space. Both of jump at the car horn and look outside. David is pulling up into the driveway and I feel screwed. 

The End

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