Pulling all nightersMature

I had a feeling this was going to take all night, and Tyler was worth it. I almost had my room finished when the doorbell rang, the beds were here. Em directed them into the room to set it up. I was getting hungry so I ordered take out from Lunge’s, a large cheese pizza, bread sticks, pasta and cinnamon rolls. I know Em was going to think I was crazy, but I’m eating for three after all.

I took out the trash from my room as the delivery men where leaving. I crossed the street and discarded the bag into the dumpster the builders had. Then I came back in the house to start on the spare room when my phone rang, it was Tyler.

‘Hi baby,” I answered excited to hear his voice.

“How’s my favorite girl?’ he asked sweetly.

“I’m cleaning the storage room,” I tell him.

“What? You are supposed to be resting,” he sounded a little worried.

“Don’t worry honey, Em is helping me,” I reassure him.

“OK I guess, did you make the plans at the hotel we will be there in about twelve hours,” he informs me.

“No, that’s what I need to talk to you about,” I explain to him.

I tell him about Em’s plans, and of course he tried to politely decline. After some reminding of how persistent Em can be, he caves in just like I did. I can tell this has put him at ease, even though he didn’t admit it. I finished our phone call and walked out to let Em know we had twelve hours.

She was walking from the door with bags full of food, and a crazy look on her face.

“You’re really this hungry?” she asked.

“Yes,” I smiled.

I told her about Tyler calling as we ate the food. Well I ate it, she just picked at the salad I got for her.

“Are you going to tell David about Jeremy?” I asked her.

She looked up at me,” I don’t know, do you think I should,” she asked me.

“Honestly if it were me and Tyler I would, but you and David are not as committed,” I reply to her.

She changed the subject,” Well we better get busy if we want to have it all ready.”

That was my queue to drop it and start cleaning. So after I finished off half the pizza, a few bread sticks and a helping of pasta I waddled back into the storage room.

I was down to the last box when it tipped over, and pictures fell out. I sat down on the floor to pick them up. I grabbed the first one, it was me and jess in high school. We were so young and free, and had no worries. I smiled as I place the picture back into the box, and Em walked in.

“What are you smiling about at 6:00 am?” she asked.

I handed her the pictures, and her face shared the same smile as mine just had. She sat down next to me on the floor and we both looked at the empty room.

“The boys will be here any minute,” I reminded her.

 “I stink, and I need a hot shower,” I told her as I got up.

I heard her phone buzz and I looked back.

“Is that David, are they here?” I asked excited.

She smiled and looked up at me,” No it’s Jeremy asking me to coffee.”

“I will cover for you if you want to go for a bit,” I volunteered.

I was about to text Tyler to see how far out they were, but he had left me a text I didn’t hear. They had stopped for breakfast and would be another hour.

“Well just got a text from Tyler, you have an hour so it’s up to you,” I said and I left for the shower.

The End

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