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I was drinking wine and watching a movie on Netflix on my iPad with a headphone set. I didn't want to wake Jess up. I was on my second glass and thinking that our life felt unreal. I mean I killed someone for Christ's sake and I was not in jail. Jess...I didn't want to start thinking about everything that happened to her and now she will not only have twins...she will two sons also....four kids. I drained the glass and poured myself more. I knew I was going to finish the whole bottle.

What Tyler's house needed was at least the first floor finished...he was planning to make three floors in original plan which is now a very good idea. Two adults and four kids running around. I knew what Jess said. About working faster on the house but it could spell trouble. With our luck, a contractor would break his neck and die. I had a better plan.

After finishing the bottle, I got rid off the evidence and fell asleep on the downstairs couch.


"You slept downstairs?" I hear Jess's question but my mind can hardly register it.

I growl in response. "Yeah...what time is it?"

"It's 8:00 AM and we need to be at the store in 30 minutes...shipment comes at 9:00 AM." Jess's voice feels like hammers on my head.

"Alright...alright I am up. I just need a shower," I tell her and run up stairs. My head hurt and my joins hurt from sleeping on the couch. I quickly showered and took some pain killers. Jess was eating a piece of break downstairs.

"That was fast Em. We need to go food shopping." Jess tells me.

"Right and I need to talk to you in the car," I tell her and grab the car keys. Both of us get in the car and stop at a fast food place for takeout. We would take turns to eat at the store.  After we got the food, Jess looked at me like she was ready to listen.

"Right. You need to clean your room and make room for Tyler's things. Get rid of things that are too old for you and might be embarrassing or that have history with other men. I will help because in your condition you cannot do too much. The room next to yours we use for storage and my boxes for school. I don't use it because I don't like the window and I study downstairs. I will clean the room up today when we get home from the store. We can close the store at 4:00 PM and not 6:00PM. I am sure Tyler will understand. The baby store had a wooden bunk beds with a closet space. I will order it delivered tonight at 8:00PM. Hopefully it will give me enough time to clean up the room and the men can set the beds up." Jess looks at me like I have one crazy plan and maybe I do but we need to get this done. "If the house building gets rushed, something bad can happen, Jess. I do not want to see anyone getting hurt. I was going to turn that room into a livable space and now I have a reason to get up from sitting on my ass and clean it up. Tyler and the boys will be staying with us. I know all us have money but throwing it around is not a good thing either so no hotels. Tyler and you will live in your room. The boys will live in theirs and the baby room will be finished for your twins. It is not an incontinence and I bet Tyler and you will need help with the boys. I am ready to help and David will understand."

"Em, that is a lot of work. You are nuts. I cannot have it." Jess tells me.

"Oh yes I can. I am an aunt to these boys as well now. If it makes you feel better, Tyler can pay me back later for the beds and closet and table. The boys will need a table to work on. They will not have school for the summer but to help with their transition, we might want to think about sending them to a summer camp. They might love that idea, I have seen their playful energy." I tell her and park the car in the store's parking lot.

"I give in!" Jess says very dramatically and we open the store.


The shipment comes and goes. Jess maneuvers through the customers and I have tons of problems with it. It is a good thing she had one more pair of hands to help out. About noon, the boys called to let us know everything was ok and they made it safely. I ordered the beds at 10:00 AM for 8:00PM, they said they would do it but only because we made previous purchases. They didn't want to work so late but I explained them the situation. My lawyer communication skills certainly came in handy.

About 1:00PM, the bell above the door rang letting us know we have more customers. Jess was in the back eating her lunch and Jack, the second hand set was with me at the cash register. I was drinking a soda and almost spilled it upon seeing who it was.

Jeremy, a young man I had the biggest crush on my freshman year of college. Before I started law school. Jeremy and I had several classes together and I was always shy to talk to him back then. I hardly even mentioned him to Jess because I felt so shy around the guy. After he got his B.A., he moved away to the heart of Silicon Valley and I never saw him again. He also did not come in alone, he came in with another guy, who I did not recognize. Jeremy looked around the isles and then came up to the register with his chosen items. I pushed Jack to the register to ring him up and kept drinking my soda.

Jack and Jeremy talked me about the return policies and such. I didn't say anything at all. He noticed though, boy did he notice. Jeremy looked away from Jack and looked me up and down. I blushed and took another sip of my soda.

"Wow, is that you Emily? Emily Summers?" Jeremy asks me. My eyes widen at how he remembered my name...my full name.

"Jeremy Black came back to town, I see," I responded back and tried smiling.

"What you been up to? Is this your store? I would think you would be a lawyer now." Jeremy fishes. I never knew he knew so much about me.

"My best friend's fiancée owns this place. I'm helping out today Jeremy. And I will be taking the bar exam in September so I will be a lawyer." I answer him and think that I could never form so many sentences around him before.

"I'm glad you found some confidence. You seem a stronger woman now and beautiful," Jeremy smiles at me making me blush harder. I didn't respond back. He gave his credit card to Jack who swiped it and gave it back. "Listen I am back, I got hired as a new doctor at the hospital. It will be great to catch up on how things changed around here. Can we have dinner and have more conversations?"

I take a swig of the soda and look at him. "Umm, I am very busy now. I am doing home renovations and studying for the exam so...I...I can't...now."

"Give me your phone," Jeremy asks me and I hand it over. He dials a number and then looks at his own. "Now I have your number Emily. It will be nice to hear more of your voice, you grew up nicely. I will give you a call soon, I hope you will not turn down dinner." He waves and leaves with his friend. Jeremy became a doctor...that is the only thing that was running through my mind....and he called me beautiful...and he wanted to have dinner with me. Jess walked out of the back office.  David, I had David. It was too late to remember old crushes.

"That guy was hot. You gonna tell me how you know him?" Jess eyes me like a fox. We leave Jack alone in the front and I tell Jess about my crush on Jeremy Black.

At 4:00PM, we drive home with more food from restaurants and Jess starts cleaning her room and throwing away stuff while I clean the room that both of us forget that it exists for the arrival of the boys. During the cleaning the room, Jeremy Black's face swims in my mind and memories of me watching him from behind trees resurface. I even told Jess that I used to watch him like that...

The End

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