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After such a wonderful day, I had a feeling that by Tyler’s facial expression he got bad news. We all just let him have a few moments of silence, and finally he spoke.

“It’s Helen…she...Oh the poor boys…they…she killed herself,” he said emotionless.

I looked at Em who cuffed her hands over her mouth in a state of sympathy, and then to David who was speechless. Do I ask how, do I try to comfort him, or do I give him some space? I have never had to deal with someone else’s tragedy, I am always the victim.

“Why don’t we give you some privacy,” David finally said clearing his throat.

Em and David went upstairs, leaving Tyler and I alone in the living room. Finally he plopped down on the couch and put his head in his lap. So I sat down beside him in silence, and rubbed his back.

“I’m sorry baby,” I whispered.

“The boys are with their aunt, I have to get them in the morning, “he says.

“I can come with if you need,” I offered.

“No pumpkin I don’t want you around all that stress, I will see if David will ride with me,” he says as he lifts his head up.

I see the pain in his eyes, and I know it’s not because Helen is gone rather that his boys lost their mother. I want to console him, but I’m not good at this type of thing.

“I need you to watch the store for tomorrow my babe, Thursdays is my big shipment day. I also need you to book an in suite for a few weeks; I can’t impose on you or David like that. Besides that the boys will need some time to adjust. It’s an 18 hour drive from here, if we leave soon we can make it there tomorrow afternoon. This is it pumpkin, you can run if you want I’m giving you a way out,” Tyler says as the sadness in his eyes pierce mine.”

I take both of his hands and say, “I love you, were in this together.”

Tyler kisses my forehead,” I was hoping you would say that.”

“Let me go tell them what’s going on and get David,” I tell him as I start to walk away.

“Wait, would you like to know how she killed herself? He asked hesitantly.

I shrugged my shoulders, “Only if you’re comfortable telling me.”

“She left the boys with her sister, said she had some errands to run. Hours passed and nobody could get a hold of her. SO finally her sister went to file a report, and they realized she was the sister of the wreck they just cleaned up. Helen hit a brick wall head on going 80 mph. inside the car they found a note addressed to me,” he says repeating the note.

My dearest Tyler

You were my one true love, and I know it’s hard to believe because of things I have done. Being without you has been so hard, and I can’t do it alone. I know you have moved on, and are starting your own family. The boys need a grounded environment to grow up in. I know you’re a great father and will take good care of them. I will always love you.

Your wife Helen

“I’m really sorry baby,” I said as I went off to fetch David.

When I got to Em’s room her door was open, and her and David were waiting patiently. I told them what had happened and David was more than willing to go with Tyler. He left the room to speak to Tyler and Em and I were left alone.

“This is a big responsibility you’re taking on Jess,” Em reminds me.

“I know, but Auntie Em will help me if I need it,” I winked.

“Yes you know I’m a sucker for someone in need,” she smiled.

“I am going to call the builder tomorrow and explain the situation. I’ll offer to pay more if they can finish up the house to a livable state in two weeks. They can finish all the outside stuff while were living there. I don’t want Tyler and the boys living in a hotel,” I finished telling her as we head down stairs.

The boys were getting ready to go pack a few sets of clothes, and Tyler was going to borrow his police buddies camper. The boys will enjoy riding back in that for sure.

Em packed them a little cooler of sodas, water, and snacks. We assured them not to worry about us, and made them promise to return home safely.

We walked them outside and kissed them goodbye. We watched as they drove away, and then returned inside the house.

“I’m starving,” I said to Em.

“Again jeez, are you eating for two or three or thirty?” Em joked. She knew this was my way of saying I was done talking about the topic for the night.

I grabbed the pickles, Em grabbed some popcorn, and we decided to watch a law and order marathon. Even though it was super late and I had to work early, I wasn’t tired.

Em had volunteered to help me out at the store tomorrow. I had suggested to Tyler maybe he hire more people, now that the boys were back. He said he would think about it.

I took a deep breath, “Em did you ever picture our lives turning out this way?”

“You know I think our lives will be great no matter what as long as we stick together,” Em answers.

“Touché,” I say as I grab another pickle and get back to the show.

The End

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