Emily-Accept a promise?Mature


The boys were amazing with their timing. Showing up like this out of no where made me happy. When we grabbed our table, Jess went straight into details of her day. The
conversation about the nursery and shopping. Tyler acted like he and David never heard of my plans which made Jess even more happy.

Me on the other hand, was safe for now. I don't know why but I still felt weird talking about my relationship with David to Jess. It is like, yes, things are going great.
He loves me...a messed up gal like me and he is ok being around Jess who at the moment is pregnant so that earns him major points. But I still don't want to talk about the private life. Ikuto didn't get it out of me so Jess would not be able to.

After dinner, we decided to split up. Jess wanted to hear more details about the court session. Tyler didn't want to talk about it, well he wanted but only to Jess. I figured that
David would tell me whats up with the situation if it concerned me but they needed an alone time.

At David's house we spent time watching movies and making plans for the morning.


In the morning, David cooked breakfast while I showered. I also became a little mad. Here I am at David's when my upstairs bathroom is finally fixed and I will get a chance to try it out later.

After breakfast, David put me into a car and said that he would be taking me someplace special. I rolled my eyes at his words but followed like a good girl. It took an hour to get to the place and mainly because we took a bunch of small streets.

I got out of the car and said, "Wow."

"Looks like you never been here, bunny." David tells me and I try choosing which way to look. David took me to a high point where we could see the whole city.

"I never knew this place existed." I tell him.

"I know the best time to see this place is during the night but it is packed most of the time and now it is still a pretty sight."  David tells me. He is right, if I was a teenaner who wanted to get some action, I would be here every night. I could see the airport, highways,
tall scyscrapers and bunch of zooming cars.

"Oh, it is fine, this is awesome." I respond and don't notice him leave. I only notice a hot coffee in my hands ten minutes later. "Coffee, cool."

"You didn't even notice that I was gone," David pouts at me.

"It's your fault for bringing me over here," I wink and start taking pictures with my iPhone. I keep clicking without thinking when I stop because of the last click.

I go into my album and see that the pic is of David's hand holding a black box. I blink and look away from the phone thinking I am imagining things and look at David...who is holding a black box.

David smiles and gets onto one knee. "Emily Summers. You are a smart, intelligent woman. I love you, and I would like for you to accept a promise. A promise that after your bar exam, together, we will set a date for our wedding so we could be husband and wife."

The ring is gorgeous, it has a small diamond in the middle with four smaller diamonds on the band on each side. It sparkles in the sun and my mouth is dry. I want to say yes because I love him. I want to say yes because I was planning on asking him to move in with me after Jess gets settled in with Tyler. I want to say yes but my mouth is dry. David is starting to look nervous and looks down from the ring to me and back to the ring.

"Do you have an answer, bunny? You are kind of having me hang over here?" David asks me.

That is when I swallow and smile at him. It is like those serious yet playful words got me out of the trance. "Of course I will accept your promise, David." I lean in and kiss him. I feel his body relax and I relax as well.

After that, we go out for ice cream and then go home because apearantly Tyler lost a bet on the airplane about us to David.  So Tyler had to play a game of Go against David at our house. I had a new set of the Go game which David admired so we went home. We brought with us stuffed peppers, rice, and chicken.

It didn't take long for Jess to notice the ring and then a lot of jumping in the air happened. I am not kidding. She even allowed me to drink...that is how happy she got.


The Go game was intense and I was surprised both men were acting so confident. After thirty minutes of watching it, Jess and I escaped to watch-the Bachelorette. So many hot men fighting for one woman! It was also a two episode showing.

In the middle of the second episode, Tyler's phone rang. Tyler left it on the table in front of the TV so I brought it over to him.  I gave the phone over and he looked at the number. He scowled and said that he will take it outside. David shrugged and came over to watch the show with us. He cringed watching the men in spidos walking around on screen and he endured it for ten minuted. Don't know how he did it.

After fifteen minutes, Tyler walks back in. It was obvious that the conversation ended maybe ten minutes ago because the man was wite. He was white as a ghost. I turned off the sound on the TV and all of us watched Tyler starring into blackness.

The End

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