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Tyler called right after I finished up breakfast, and I was excited to them him about the nursery. He was getting ready for court, and he said he needed to hear my voice first. I could hear The chatter in the back ground, he said they stopped for breakfast at his favorite diner. I wished him luck, and then let him finish his food.

Em promised me later we could go shopping for some furniture for the nursery. We had also planned on eating out with Mary for dinner, as a thank you for her hard work.

Em had decided to lay back down, she was still really sore. With everything finishing tonight and David gone, Em needed the rest anyway. I told her I would invade the couch and watch movies while everyone wrapped up their work.

I lay on the couch wondering who the babies would look like, me or Tyler. It would be cute if one favored each of us, but I will love them either way. We still hadn't decided on any names yet, but I had plenty of time to decide.

After about two movies later the contractors all left, and they said the bathroom was done. Thirty minutes later Mary and her help were complete as well. The house was now silent, and I decided to take a little nap myself.


The sound of the phone woke me, it was Tyler. I was guessing it was around lunch, because I could smell Em cooking up something in the kitchen.

"Hey babe,"I answered the phone.

"Were out of court," he tells me in a not so happy voice.

"Everything OK?" I hesitated.

He told me that he was awarded joint custody; which meant because Helen lived in Texas now he would be traveling a lot. Beside the summer when school let out, they would get to come for a whole month. He was allowed to see them anytime he wanted, but the constant traveling bothered him. I told him not to worry, we would talk it out when he got home. Helen had been a royal pain, and kept giving him dirty looks the whole hearing.

He and David were going to grab some lunch before he finished the rest of his business there. They had a flight scheduled for tomorrow tonight to come home, and I couldn't wait.

I ventured into the kitchen just as Em was placing the bowls of soup and the salads on the table.

"Sorry out of pickles," she says.

I tell her about they trial, and we discussed dinner plans for later. She had already showered and got dressed while I was sleeping. After I finished I head to the shower myself, and then we were going shopping.


When we got to the baby store it was so overwhelming, and my eyes were dragged every where. There were some many different styles to choose from. We decided to start with cribs first, and we walked over to that department.

They had a bunch of really pretty dark oak cribs, and I made a decision on two. They would match the paint scheme well, and they would suffice for either gender.

Em and I spent several hours selecting changing tables, lamps, crib mobiles, bedding, curtains, dressers and a few other items. We paid for our purchases and scheduled a truck to be delivered they day after tomorrow. That way the boys would be back to help us put them where we wanted.We were so exhausted by the time we left, that we decided to baby clothes shop another time.

We headed home to rest, but not before stopping for ice cream. It was so hot and humid this time of year, and being pregnant makes it more unbearable. I was missing Tyler and I couldn't wait to be in his arm again.

I was glad he found someone to cover at the store after the car accident, but I still had to be available in case of an emergency. So we stopped by on the way home to make sure everything was OK, and it was.

By the time we got home it was time to get ready for dinner, which I was starving for even after the ice cream. So we freshened up and headed to the restaurant.

"So how are things with you and David, since those three words," I teased Em on the car ride over.

Em blushed,"Things are fine, you know I hate talking about this with you."

" I know, but I'm your best friend it's a need to know topic," I smirked.

"Well we, " she started to say as we pulled up to the restaurant.

The boys were standing out up front with a dozen roses for both of us, they had caught an early flight back to surprise us.

"What were you going to say about you and David?" I whispered as we walked in.

"Oh nothing," she smiled with her I'm safe for now smile.

The boys were back, the renovations were done, and things could finally become grounded again.

The End

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