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In the morning, surprisingly Jess was up first. I hope she is feeling alright this morning after the car accident yesterday. “Damn! Stupid drunk drivers!” I shout at myself and get dressed. David really saved my ass last night, if he didn’t protect me, I would be in a worse shape. The only thing that was wrong with me was that I was sore, like really sore and I wanted sleep. I wanted to stay in bed and I would have too if it weren’t for the doorbell.

“Em! Come down! You have a guest and she brought cans of paint!” Jess yells from the front door.

I smile to myself and walk down the stairs. At first I wanted to take away Jess out for a walk so she wouldn’t see Mary but then the accident happened yesterday. I decided that I would surprise Jess today with the present of the baby room. The contractors were going to do a final check on the upstairs bathroom and it would be finished today. The baby room got finished last night. I didn’t tell that to Jess or the boys. I am so mischievous, I smile evilly to myself.

“I’m here, I’m here,” I say and see Mary with her cart of paints. I also notice a second car pulling up and the boys bringing in long material.

“Is this for your office? Is it finished? I thought a lawyer’s office needs to be serious but I see red paint,” Jess almost wants to keep going.

“Jess, this is Mary. She will be doing a wall painting for the baby room.” I respond to her and then transfer my attention to Mary. “So Mary. Good Morning! It is great that you are here so early. Why do have men power behind you?” I side glanced at Jess who was had a blank expression on her face.

“Well, I decided to surprise you Em. So I was thinking painting on the wall is fun but then you would need several layers of paint to get rid it if you were going to turn the room into a different purpose. I created a wall paper for the portion of the wall and the rest like the sky will be painted. What you think? It will make it easier and it will save you time on moving in things into the room.” Mary explains to me.

“That is a great idea. The boys will help you put it on! Great!” I am happy that she thought of this. She already did a lot of work on this and the room will be finished early.

Jess tugs on my shirt. “What is this woman talking about? What baby room?”

I laugh. “I will show you. Follow me everyone.” I twirl on my feet around and start walking to the baby room.

When I open the door to the baby room, Jess looks around the room and then at me. “But this is your office.”

“Jess you really needed tea or juice this morning. I wanted this to be a surprise so I told everyone to say it is a new office. But really it is the baby room. I hired Mary to do wall art, something that a boy or a girl would like and it is spacious with lots of light thanks to the big window. There is room enough for two cribs and a bunch of other stuff so you and I can go shopping for the things you wanted.” I pause because Jess starts crying. “I know you will be moving into the house when it will be finished but I also know that you never know with contractors. They can’t work if there will be rain so it might be finished a little later this way you have a room here for the babies. Also there is space for a twin bed for you to sleep here as well. You might be able to squeeze a bigger bed but that depends on how you will organize the room. You always have a place in this home.”

Jess wrapped her arms around me and continued crying. I held her close to me and smiled at Mary who was watching the scene. The boys looked uncomfortable.

“Alright, I am going to go make some breakfast and take Jess to calm her down. So I hope you guys like bacon and eggs and waffles.” I tell them and leave them to their work. I set Jess down on a stool and pulled out eggs, bacon, waffles and oil. I turn on the stove and pour in the oil and drop bacon in.

“Thank you Em,” Jess tells me through tears which were beginning to dry.

“What are sisters for?” I wink at her and crack an egg. 

The End

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