Jessica- The ride to the airportMature


With Tyler and David leaving tonight for Texas I was a little under the weather, but I was happy he would see the boys.  I was praying for everything to go in his favor.

We were all going to have a nice dinner before we dropped them at the airport. Since me and Em would be alone, we would have some girl time to catch up.

Em has been so busy studying, and getting the renovations complete. Also helping David on some cases, they have moved forward in their relationship together. I was worried if she would move with David, but I was hoping she would talk him into moving in once the house was built. I would be gone and they would have plenty of privacy. Plus they could turn my old room into an office in the future.

I was bust learning all the duties of the store, as Tyler would be gone for three days, returning Wednesday night. I was glad that David was going with him.

I was already starting to get a little baby bump going into month two, and in another month I would find out the sexes if I wanted. Then Em and I could start shopping for baby clothes.

The building of the new house was just beginning, and it was moving along nicely. It was supposed to be done before the babies are born, so they can come home to their new house.


“Dinner’s ready,” Em called to the boys in the living room.

She was making another one of her Russian cuisines, and from the tasting during preparation it was delicious. After dinner we packed up the car and headed to the airport.

“So David, do you want kids?” I asked rubbing my belly.

“Jess,” Em growled under her breath.

I shrugged, “What it’s just a question.”

David clears his throat,” I think Em could give me beautiful children one day, when our careers are where we want them.”

Nicely answered, he didn’t say no; but then again he didn’t say yes. I could feel the burning of Em’s eyes in the back of my head. Her and David were in the back seat so I couldn’t see her face.

I reached over and grabbed Tyler’s free hand, “I’m going to miss you while you’re gone.”

“I will miss you to baby,” he smiled back.

Before I could even say another word, I say bright lights coming straight for us. It all happened so fast, that it was over before it started. An oncoming car jumped the curb and swerved in our lane. Nobody was talking or moving, and I could feel the warm blood dripping down my face.

“Tyler!” I cried, but he didn’t respond.

I looked over at Em and David; they were out cold as well. I finally heard sirens from behind me, and I heard faint voices. I think they were asking me if I was OK. I remember closing my eyes just as the flashing lights hit my eyes.


I woke up in what seemed to be an emergency room. I felt weak and it was hard for me to sit up, but I finally managed.

“Em!”  I called from behind the curtain.

A nurse appeared in seconds, and explained to me we had been in a car accident but nobody was seriously hurt. She said that the babies were fine, and I just had a few bad bruises.

She took me to Tyler, David, and Em who had just finished getting checked out as well. The doctor told us a drunk driver had lost control and hit us head on. Luckily we were in a low speed area, or it could have been much worse.

Tyler had a large gash on his forehead, David had to get a few stitches in his arm as he tried to protect Em from the crash, and Em had a tiny bruise on her cheek from hitting the back of the driver seat.

We all filled out our paperwork, we waited outside for our two separate cabs Em had called for us. One was for the boys to get to the airport, and one for us to get home. Em and I would deal with the police report and such in the morning. I couldn’t let Tyler miss his hearing it wouldn’t look good.

Tyler and David’s cab showed up first and I hugged them both good-bye. Em and I were soon on our way home as well.

“Em, we have the worst luck,” I sighed.

“Yes, but we always pull through just fine.” She smiled as she leaned her head against mine.

We were so exhausted when we got home, and my body was sore. I think I had whiplash, and I couldn’t wait to take a soak it the new tub.

Em was going to wait up for David’s call letting us know they made it safely. Tyler was going to call me in the morning after his case.

The reason he had to stay three says, was to take care of some things with the old house there. He also wanted to spend a day with the boys.

When I got into bed I didn’t need any help falling asleep, I was out in five minutes.

The End

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