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The car ride from the party was tense. The woman can handle her liquor, she was not drunk but she did act nice to everyone. She was pleased that Tyler’s friends recognized her and some of her cases that she resided over. David parked the car in the hotel’s parking lot and we walked his mother to the car. The hotel was beautiful making me think that this could be a good place for Jess with Tyler for their wedding night. I made a mental note to tell about the exterior to Jess later and we walked into his mother’s suite.

The bed could fit four people, five if everyone could squeeze in. That is the first thing I noticed. Everything else looked grand. So this is how the judges stay when they travel? My house is not nearly good enough for this woman. If I stay with David, I really need to get wall paper for the walls to make it elegant.

She sits down onto the bed and I stay by the door while David goes to pour our drinks from the small bar. Yes, the room had a small bar. “Emily, I say. You are much better than his previous girlfriend. I cannot remember her name nor do I want to.”

I redden in surprise and reply, “Thank you Mrs. Walter.”

“You can call me mother, dear,” Mrs. Walter tells me and I redden further. “You have done well for yourself. Jessica’s family talked well about you and they think you to be part of their family. You hardly act like a naïve twenty three year old. You are also much younger than other lawyers who have become lawyers so you must have done really well in school years. I am impressed, and I know you are not after money when it comes to my son.”

David gives us a glass each, “I am proud of her mother. Glad you approve.”

For the rest of fifteen minutes we talked about the house renovations. I showed her a photo of the new bathroom and she thought it was elegant. She also thought that she would be flying out at 7:00AM in the morning and that she already had a shuttle going from the hotel to the airport. She had a case to prepare for. We said our goodbyes and she said that she will be back to visit.

On the way to David’s house, I texted Jess to let her know that I will be staying with David for the night. She didn’t respond so I figured she would be showing off her lingerie. I had a corset that clipped to my black tights. Upon him parking the car, I dashed from the garage door into the house and went straight to pouring some whiskey.

David ran after me and started laughing when he saw me taking a shot. “Bunny, you are fine. You passed my mother’s test.”

I glared at him. “I had one glass of wine at the party and one glass in the hotel. She like scared me to death, almost. Your mother is intimidating.” I take another shot and start to relax.

“She is a judge of the Supreme Court; she is supposed to be intimidating.” David tells me and walks over to the fireplace. Minutes later, I am watching the dancing flames and listening to slow rock music. He takes my hand in his and pulls me in close. “Dance with me.”

“Is this how you always seduce your girlfriends, David?” I ask him playfully.

“Believe it or not but this is the first time I am trying to seduce a woman like this.” David tells me seriously then kisses me on the lips. At that moment, I don’t care if he did that before, the gesture of a lit fire with good music put me into a relaxing mood.

We danced for a while, no talking after that kiss and no lip locking. It just felt great being in his arms and close to the warm fire. He brought me to reality when he coughed to clear his throat.

“If I say something right now and take a chance…are you going to run away from me?” David asked me with fear in his eyes.

I felt my body tighten. “I’ll try not to. You alright, bunny?” His gripped tightened on my waist and my heart sped up. I couldn’t even guess what he was thinking.

There was something in his eyes. An emotion, I have never seen before and it was towards me. The only time I saw emotion was on Tyler’s face when he glanced at Jess and she wasn’t looking.

“I love you.” David whispered and I froze even more than before. Did I hear right? David thinking that I didn’t hear him based on my reaction, repeated. “I love you Emily with all my heart.”

I believed him. I started crying. He loved me. David scratched the back of his head and he looked at me more scared. I laughed making him jump back and it looked like he was the one to run away. I pulled him back in and kissed him. When I pulled back, I smiled. “I love you, too David. Oh so much. Thank you for making me happy.”

We kissed. David pulled me down onto the floor in front of the fire place taking down a blanket with him. He loved my corset and I saw one more side to him. The man loved me, I could be more open with him and I could show him other sides to me. The sides that wanted to explore new horizons. The next day I stayed in his arms all day. 

The End

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