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 I took the whiskey bottle from Em, I knew she would be thankful come tomorrow. I texted Tyler and told him to pick up Chinese on the way home, and I dismissed the contractors early. I walked them out, reminding them tomorrow was the party so they had the day off. I made Bethany and dad comfy with a movie in the living room, until Tyler got home with the food. Then I returned to the kitchen where Em was about to pour another drink.

“Em!” I said to her as I yanked the bottle back.

She slumped down in the chair with her puppy dog face, and dropped her chin in her propped up hands on the table.

“Was it really that bad?” I ask her.

“It was hard to tell really, but she said she will be judging my character by attendants of tomorrows party,” Em pouted.

“OK and why you are worried, David will still like you even if his mom doesn’t. She just wants best for her son, and she doesn’t know you yet. In the end if she doesn’t approve, that’s her loss. Look my parent’s love you,” I finished as I gestured toward the living room.

“I know, I just want David to be happy,” Em tells me.

“What makes you think he’s not?” I ask her as Tyler walks in with the food.

“Yeah maybe I am over thinking in,” She sighed.

“Yummy, are you hungry?” I asked as Tyler entered the kitchen with the takeout.

“No David and I took his mother to our new spot to eat; I think I am going to excuse myself for the night. We have a big day tomorrow,” she whispered as she past me to tell dad and Bethany good night.

Em went up to bed, and we ate dinner. Bethany, dad, Tyler and I talked about the babies mostly. Bethany had told me she would love to plan a baby shower with Em, and anything else I needed for the baby. After a few hours my parents left for their hotel, leaving Tyler and I alone for a few moments.

“Somebody’s birthday tomorrow,” I teased.

“Baby don’t you make a big deal of it please,” Tyler scowls at me.

“To late,” I sang.

“I kind of got the hint you and Em had something up your sleeve. Your parents are here, you asked for the week off, and David’s mom came to visit.” he tells me.

“Oh that thing with David’s mom was an unknown factor,” I inform him    

“Enough about all of them, let’s talk about us,” I say as I cozy up to him on the couch.

“I should probably go, it’s almost midnight,” Tyler says.

“No I want to be the first to sing you Happy Birthday,” I pout.

“Fine you win, Then I will need to go, “he promises.

So midnight came, I sang him Happy Birthday, gave him an early Birthday present (if you know what I mean) and I finally let him leave.

David was going to pick him up from work, pretending to take him for a birthday drink. Then he would really bring him to the party. David had suggested Em pick up his mom from her hotel for a ride to the party, to give them more bonding time.

I sat in my room; I was too excited to sleep so I read some more of Norma jean’s journal.

Dear Diary

              I just found out I was two months pregnant today, but I know it's Jonathan's. I can never tell otherwise I fear he will hurt me again. I try not to make him angry, but he always finds a reason. It's hard with a new born baby to keep the house up. I feel bad that I can't give Jim the attention he needs. I only hope that maybe one day I will rid myself of this violent man. If it was up to me I would search Jonathan out, but we made a pact that it was just two strangers once upon a time. I have decided to name the baby after his mother Jessica, and if it's a boy I will name him Jonathan. Either way the child will remind me of a good time in my life.

I have tried to find Jonathan but so far my luck has withered out. I find out next week the sex of the baby, and I'm praying for a baby girl.

I wish I could tell someone about the abuse, but who will believe me? I am just a promiscuous nut job who had a horrible childhood myself. I want to give my children everything I didn't have, and I want them to be proud of me.

He will be home soon and demanding dinner on the table.

Good-bye for now


I finally turned off the lights and fell asleep.


I was running around like a crazy person making sure all the tables were set up, and making sure dinner had started cooking. Our host for the night seemed to be use to this type of situation, and she tried to keep me calm. People would be showing up soon, and David would text me when they were on their way.

First ones to show were my parents, Bethany insisted I take a seat and let me take over. She reminded me of Em. Dad and I sat and talked while the guests started showing up. I had gone through Tyler’s phone and invited a few of his police friends, and a few regulars from the store. I was watching everything going on around me when dad handed me an envelope.

“What’s this?” I asked taking it from his hand.

“Open it,” he smiled.

Inside was a new birth certificate only this one had no blank boxes, and he was officially my dad. I hugged him, and a few tears slid out.

“I love you daddy,” I sniffled.

“I love you to sweetheart,” he tells me back just as Em and David’s mom show up.

I can’t tell by her facial expression if she is upset or nervous, but I wave her over. I started with introducing her to my parents and all the other party guests. Then after a few million questions I excused myself to check on to food. Em gladly agreed to help me, and she followed leaving David’s mom with my parents.

“Wow you weren’t lying Em,” I say once were alone.

“Yeah and you said I was over reacting,” She cocked her head.

I took a deep sigh just as my phone buzzed, it was David. I announced to everyone that Tyler and David were on their way. Em helped me with the finishing touches, and we joined my parent’s and David’s mom at the table.

About twenty minutes later Tyler walked in and we all yelled,” Surprise.”

He smiled and walked over to me,” Thank you pumpkin.”

The party seems to be going pretty well, I spent most of it with my parent’s. Tyler mingled amongst his guests, and I even saw him get trapped by David’s mom at one point.

We only had the place for three hours, so after dinner we had the cake. They played slow classical music and we walked around the garden. It was very beautiful; I gave Tyler his gift when we were alone. He loved it; he said he always wanted a Rolex.

I was glad when it was all over, I was exhausted. My parents went back to their hotel; we were having breakfast in the morning before they headed back. Em went with David to drop his mom off, and Tyler and I took Em’s car home. Em had dropped me off at the party, on her way to run some errands. Everyone else went their own separate ways. I wasn’t sure how long David’s mom was staying, or if Em was coming home tonight. I do know I intended on the birthday boy staying with me tonight.

We finally pulled up to the house and Tyler took me hand, “Thank you pumpkin for this perfect birthday,” he tells me.

“I’m just sorry you didn’t get to see your boys,” I frowned.

“It’s OK Helen let them call me early, which reminds me David agreed to come with me next month,” Tyler replied.

“Oh good idea,” I agreed.

Em and I had gotten some lingerie while we were out shopping this past weekend.

“Follow me, I have one last present,” I look at him with a seductive look as we walk up to the house.

The End

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