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I tiptoed past Jess’s room and downstairs. I knew she wasn’t going to go to sleep right away but I was still nervous. I walked around the first floor making sure everything was ok. It wasn’t, not nearly to how I liked keeping it.

I fixed the curtains in the living room, making sure they were straight and not wrinkled, checked the one curtain in the kitchen and quietly put on the shelf the new dish set. A couple of hours ago, I put new the set into the dishwasher and now I placed them in their new location. I got rid of the old plates, cups, utensils into a box which the garage now hosted. The bathroom still had that sparkle feel so I wasn’t worried. Next I dusted the bookshelf with books in the living room; made sure the throw on the couch looked good and fluffed the pillows. The new items for house were all either vine green color or light brown to match the bathroom. I liked when things matched. You could say the house changed in its attitude with the new bathrooms and I couldn't wait for Jess to learn that it wouldn't be an office but a nursery.

I stayed up until 1:00AM and even washed the floors. The first floor was good now. The second floor had its problems and the outside. But at least now I could sleep better.


Tuesday's morning came too fast. I was up at 8:00AM. Jess was going to stay home today from work to look after the house. Even though both of us trusted the contractors, we always made sure one of us was home. Tyler didn't mind. Jess also decided to be creative for Tyler's birthday. Another trait of pregnancy, I think...is to want to decorate and see pretty things. Jess decided to make Tyler a handmade birthday card, poster size. She is creative when she wants to be and we had a lot of colored paper, pencils, markers, and glue so she could come up with something for sure. It would also be good practice for her because she is going to be a mother and kids love help from their parents on art projects.

Jess helped me with my make-up and then with my outfit. She really tried being a dear about me fussing over my outfits but at the end she was laughing her head off. When she started laughing, I stuffed a pickle into her mouth and pouted. But her laughter eased my tension and I decided to wear a sun dress.

David picked me up at 11:00AM, the airport was an hour away and so we needed to get there on time. When David walked in so did Jess's dad and stepmother. We all greeted one another. Bethany saw the art supplies and said with much happiness that she would love to help Jess with her card. Jess was excited. We waved by and left.

It took an hour and a half to get to the airport. Traffic was not in our favor. In the car, I kept gripping the bottom of the dress with anxiety and played every station the radio had to offer. David focused on driving and calming down from time to time. It wasn't my fault that I was freaking out. The first and last time I met a parent...the relationship did not go well. That was in high school. Now I am about to pass my bar exam , I have a house and pay bills...it feels so much more serious. I wonder if that is how Tyler felt when he met with Jess's dad. Freaked out that is.

When we were walking through the terminal to find the right wing, I said, "So I talked with Tyler about the house he will be building starting Monday. He knows about the baby room in the house and I told him about the artist I was using. He said that he will use her for the nursery in his house as well so Mary will be happy. He is also thinking about of installing a pool in the backyard so when we BBQ, we would BBQ. When his twins will turn older, he is thinking of setting up a play ground for them like he did for his sons and there will be a sand box. This is going to be awesome!"

"Is this your way of not thinking of your encounter with my mother?" David teases me and I cross my arms in response. "You will be ok. The plane is late anyway."

I glanced at the monitors for flight information and it said the plane was indeed late. Then the screen changed and it said its already here and I took David by his hand. We started to sprint through the crowd of people. We made it to the gate in time to see people walking through it.

I have seen photos before of the Supreme Judge, who hasn't? Right...a lot of people didn't but now I was going to meet her. David pulls me this time and I notice her. Mrs. Walter in the flesh. She is wearing a serious expression and the best suit that I have ever seen. She still looked good for her age and her hair did not have any gray hairs. David smiled and hugged her. Can you believe it? He just hugged her, just like that...and she hugged him back. I stood by the pair not knowing what to do while he greeted her.

Mrs. Walter turned to me and eyed me up and down.

"Mother, don't scare her please," David scolds his mother and my eyes widen at his tone.

"Hi...Hi...Mrs. Walter. I'm Emily. Did you have a good flight?" Yap, I am still scared.

She smiles but the smile doesn't reach her eyes. The smile only reaches her eyes at David. "Nice to meet you. Get ready because I will be asking everything about you. My son can only date the best."

I swallow and say "Yes ma'am."

We took her bags and walked back to the car. Her focus was strictly on David. When we got to the car, I was surprised because she got into the back seat. I slid in the front and eyed David.

"We will stop by to get something to eat, mom. I am sorry but we will be getting you a hotel room for tonight. I have a roommate and Emily's house is being worked on. Contractors are there every day working on the bathroom and a new room. And I know how you like your sleep." My eyes widen at how he said everything so easily.

It took us an hour to get back to a proximity of our house. Mrs. Walter asked me questions about my family, my education, my future plans. I felt like I was under a microscope. We got to our favorite restaurant that David found about two weeks ago and we started going here twice a week. The interrogation continued about my house, how I met David. She even asked some questions about law which I was happy I was able to answer. David through the whole entire time, held my hand or played with leg underneath the table and even sent me some private texts. I felt really thankful, his mother was scary.

When David dropped me off at the house, his mother got out of the car and looked up and down my house. "For now I approve of you. You seem well rounded lady and you are not after money with my son. He is well off you know. I will further judge your character tomorrow at your sister's fiancés birthday party. I will also judge you based on your sister and the people you have invited. Good evening to you."

With that she went back to the car and sat down into the front seat. David came up to me and hugged me. After the hug was over, he pulled away and kissed me on the lips. I was so shocked that he did it...showing affection to me like this in front of his mother. Wow.

"I'll see you tomorrow Bunny," David tells me and then drives off to spend the rest of the day with his mother.

I walk into the house like a zombie passing a contractor. Jess is working on the last touches of the poster and looks up when she sees me. I walk past her, Bethany and dad. I pour myself a whiskey shot and drown myself in it.

Jess walks into the kitchen and her eyes widen, "That bad?"

"Oh I passed...for now...but...she will grade me tomorrow based on the company I keep. What is that! Lawyer Royalty. The party will be ruined because of me." I finished and drank another shot of whiskey. Tears streamed down my face.

The End

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