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When I got home Em was pacing back and forth babbling aloud to herself. I admit I wanted to laugh, but I know how she gets with these kind of things. She only ever had to meet "the parent" one other time, but it was when we were in high school. Tommy Jones, he was the president of the debate team. They ended it shortly after due to the fact he couldn't debate on which girl he wanted to date.

Anyway I tried to calm Em down from her rambling attack, and finally I got her to sit down.

"What is the big emergency?" I smiled.

"David...his mom..she is like lawyer royalty," He managed to get out.

"Em you will be fine, your always good at these type of things," I tried to convince her.

"Yes but look at the house Jess, it's a disaster," she growled.

I shake my held and tell her, " She will understand Em, and besides you and David can take her out to eat the night she gets here.We can always just rent a room at some fancy restaurant for Tyler's birthday."

She still looks stressed out, and I still want to laugh but she looks so helpless. I assure her we will make a girls day Saturday and get all the trimming of a make over. I also told her I would help her decide on a few new outfits to wear. I'm not sure why she was so nervous, if David liked her his mothers opinion wouldn't matter. She was a well educated,beautiful, independent woman; what's not to love?


The next couple of days were hectic around the house, with the start of the upstairs bathroom and the office work continuing. We managed to sneak away for a girls day out while the boys watched the house. This gave us time to do all the girl stuff, and rent a party room for Tyler's party. With David's mom coming in just a few days and Tyler's birthday I was running myself into the ground.

Tyler's birthday was going to be at the Botanical Gardens, we were able to rent a space near one of the fountains. Anything is possible when you have money to through around. Em helped me pick out a new rolex watch for Tyler.

We ended up spending tons of cash on new clothes and the spa. Em also purchased a new dinette set just incase David's mother came over for dinner. She also got a new throw for the couch, new curtains for the living room and the kitchen, new door mats, a few pictures, and a large vase to fill with a flower arrangement.

The closer it got to Tuesday, the grouchier Em became. When you put together a grouchy woman and a pregnant woman it just spells disaster. Needless to say Tyler and David kept everyone calm, and made good use of the grill all weekend.

Tyler and I managed to slip away for a little while Sunday night, and we went to the movies. This would give Em time to panic at David again about meeting his mother.

Dad and Bethany were coming in tomorrow night and I had there reservations booked at the Happy heights Inn. It was going to be a great week regardless of all the events.


Monday night came faster then I needed it to, as I sat outside on the porch with Tyler. Dad had found the hotel OK, and they were checking in before they came over. David and Em were out getting stuff from the store to cook, and for once I felt relaxed.

I knew my dad and Betahny were tired from their trip, and Em wanted to get a good night sleep since she was meeting David's mom tomorrow. I promised to stay home and help her with her hair and makeup, but David wanted her to join him to pick his mom up from the airport.

We all ate dinner and talked for a while before sending everyone home. Em and I had to finish cleaning the dishes before we headed to bed.

"Are you still nervous?" I asked Em

"A little," she shrugged.

I give her the sister talk," You will be fine, and if his mom doesn't like you then something is wrong with her. Just be your sweet self and you will do fine. Besides how do you know she is not nervous to?"

"I never thought about that," Em said looking as she was deep in thought over it.

We put up the last of the dishes and walked the garbage out. I changed the subject before she could think of other things to worry about.

" I can't wait until the house is done, " I tell her as we stare at the empty lot where Tyler's house once stood.

"Yes I can't wait to help you decorate," she smiled as wide as she could.

I knew that look she had something up her sleeve, who knows what kind of plans her and Tyler already cooked up. We walked into the house and headed to our rooms.

"Sweet dreams Em, "I called

"Sweet dream," returned.

I lay down on my nice comfy bed and let out a large sigh. David's mom is coming tomorrow, Tyler's party is Wednesday, Tyler's court date is June 1st, my next doctor visit is July first, and the house starts re building next Monday.

I had so much going on in my head that I couldn't sleep, so I decided to get out Norma's Journal and read a few pages.

The End

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