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I open my eyes the next morning and feel my brain aching. One new symptom of pregnancy for Jess-she got even more competitive with being pregnant. Playing LIFE with her was like playing a game of war. I made myself get up and look at the calendar, today is Thursday so the boys will finish the first bathroom tomorrow. Now if I push them a little with motivation for food, they finish today and they will get Friday off. Over the last two weeks, I just started calling them boys and I really did feel outnumbered.

Jess left me a note on the counter about her shift at work and that she let in the boys. I checked both parties. Another two weeks and the baby room will be finished AND second bathroom would be finished. I wonder if Jess will be mad if I want to paint all the ceilings blue or actually design as clouds…

I also told the boys about special dinner today if they finish the bathroom today. A couple of the guys from the baby room decided to help out with carrying some furniture to the boys working in the bathroom. I smiled knowing that everything will be ok.


At 3:00PM, I finished cooking soup, lasagna, and salads. The boys finished the bathroom and I texted David, letting him know that one project is done. Before 3:00PM, I was also able to get some learning in and I looked up different nail and hair salons because Jess and I wanted a girl’s day. No men! No matter how much we loved them. The boys ate their food for thirty minutes then all of them went home. All of them had families and so they really needed to get home.

The bathroom ended up gorgeous and it was a good idea to get rid of the closet space because it was great for having more room. A rectangular Jacuzzi bathtub was perpendicular to the door against the wall with the window. The walls were a nice vine green color, a 20 inch Caboche Style chandelier hung from the center on the ceiling. The sink was mounted to the floor with a dark brown bottom with two drawers underneath for things. There was also a mounted brown shelf for the towels. The upstairs bathroom would be the same except it would have two sinks, at opposite ends and a round Jacuzzi bathtub.

I want to get into that bathtub and read a book and look at my beautiful walls. I don’t thought because I had a couple more pages to read before 6:00PM and heating up the food.

My phone buzzes at 4:00PM and I pick up with, “Hey bunny?”

“I got some news for you bunny. Now don’t freak out.” David tells me and of course that makes me freak out.

“What is it? Is something wrong with the case? Do you want me to come in?” I start probing and thinking up much more inside my head.

“My mother heard from another lawyer that I have a girlfriend. She is flying in from New York to meet you. She will be here on Tuesday, May 16. The day before Tyler’s birthday.” David tells me and I have the wind knocked out of me.

His mother….his mother….the supreme judge of New York … is coming to meet me!

“Bunny, did you hear me?” David tries again.

“I…she…ahhh….my house is a mess David. One of the bathrooms just got finished, the outside is a disaster area. They just put up the walls but they are still working on it and they finished with the floor. There is dust everywhere. My hair is a mess because of studying and being in this dust. This is not happening!” I yell into the phone.

“Wow, you will be fine. She will understand all that, relax. Just be your lovable self,” David says and I can hear his happy and stressed out tone.

“Ahhh, this is bad. David I gotta go. See you and Tyler for dinner for 7:00PM.”I hang up and start texting Jess.

Em: Is Tyler at work with you?

Jess: Yes, what’s up?

Em: Get to the house! David’s mother is flying in to meet me! Ill give 411 when you show up. I need to get my hair done and my nails and do some shopping. I am FREAKING OUT!

Jess: Whoa! I will be right there!

The End

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