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It has been almost two weeks and even though I have only gained 5 pounds I feel so fat. Em was busy with the contractors, David with his cases, and Tyler with the paperwork to start the rebuilding of the house. I felt a little lonely and helpless, but I didn't want to complain. I filled in for Tyler at the store a lot these past few weeks, as I needed to for when he went to visit the boys.

My Next appointment was July 1st another month and a half away, and I would find out the sex of the babies if I wanted to. Tyler and I were hoping to be blesses with one of each. We would love them either way. The bond Tyler and I have built over these past weeks has been great. I never realized how good it felt to be loved by someone. Tyler is the best thing that has happened to me, and I wouldn't change a thing.

Even though he was staying with David he spent most of his time with me, and at the store. It was still another month before his court date, and I knew he was missing Caleb and Colton. I tried to talk him into going for a visit, but he was afraid Helen would just try and stir things up. I voiced that I want to be a big part of his boys life as well.

Em was pulling her hair out with the last minute adjustments for the bathrooms and the office. I could tell she was excited to though. At dinner she showed me new recipes for when I have to cook as a wife. I was more of a fast food Junkie growing up, though I did know how to make a few things.

Tyler's (or should I say our) new house was supposed to be finished before my six month mark. Em and I were super excited about decorating and picking out furniture for it. Tyler says I can choose the color of the outside, but I still haven't decided.

I was hoping with the first bathroom being complete Friday we could go shopping Saturday, I had a feeling the longer I wait the more exhausted I will be.  The doctor gave me an estimated due date of December 29, but I thought it would be cool to be on Christmas or New Years.

Tyler's Birthday was next Wednesday May 16, so I wanted Em to help me pick out a nice gift. I was hoping to talk her into helping me plan a party to. I was hoping during our shopping we could get pedicures and manicures. It had been a while since EM and I spent some quality time together with all the hectic things going on.

Dad and Bethany had planned on coming down for Tyler's birthday, I wanted it all to be a surprise. It was our first visit again since Sea World, and I missed them. Dad said he wanted to take me shopping while he was down here. He also mentioned looking into some business ventures, but he didn't give any specific details. I thought about how great it would be if he was planning on opening a factory here in my town, and we could be even closer.

Things with Em and David seemed to be going well, and she was getting practice working on his cases with him.  She stayed a few nights at his house so Tyler and I could have a little privacy at our house. She was also balancing study of her exam in between everything, I honestly don't know how she does it.

I was just glad all four of us were finally sitting down to a family dinner, Em and I cooked it together. It was some kind of Dutch casserole, we decided to try a new dish from a new country once a month. I called into the living room and let the boys know it was time to eat.

"So the bathrooms will be done in two days," Em tells us.

"Great new bunny," David says.

"I hear someone has a birthday coming up," Em looks at Tyler.

Tyler talks with his mouth have full," You told her pumpkin?"

"I tell her everything," I shrugged my shoulders.

"Let's dig in," Em insists.

We finished the night with David and Em teaching us a bunch of games they like to play. 

The End

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