I started to experiment with new recipes again. Now that classes were over for the time being, I could explore the options. It was going to be beginning of May but the weather was still jumping around. One day it is cold and the next it is hot. No winder my bones are starting to hurt at age 23.

Twins! When Jess told me about twins, I was jumping up and down and told all the men in my house about the news. I also pulled out champagne and pored small glasses so everyone would have enough. We toasted then went back to work. They gone back to having a war with tools and me look up recipes.

I dial David and wait for him to pick up the phone, “Hey bunny! Have you ever had Russian soup?”

He laughs at me, “bunny you are random. I haven’t tried Russians soup. Are you going to try to make some tonight?”

“Yes with meat and beats and all that jazz. Want to come over?  I am going to make Tyler bring some groceries and you can help me cook while Jess thinks about having twins,” I told him the news.

“She is having twins?” David exclaims. “That is terrific; I will bring champagne for us and tomato juice for the mother. Yes, I know I will get her another jar of pickles.”

“Good,” and I hang up.

Around 5:30PM I started up with peeling of ten potatoes, then cutting them. I also cut three big carrots, cabbage, and created meat balls for the soup. Jess texted me a little after 6:00Pm letting me know that they were on the way home. I knew if I waited it will be ok but just in case I also told David to buy some beets and special seasoning. I let Jess know about the beets and named the seasoning and she told me that they will get it. Five minutes I texted her again and told her to get garlic bread. If everyone liked the soup, I could make it again in a week with David’s ones. Or it will be a wait game. I will use the ingredients of the one who shows up first.

I threw in the meat balls first, and then it was potatoes. I took out a frying pan and dumped cabbage, carrots, onions, and spaghetti sauce. When I did that, the doorbell rang and David stood with a bag in his hand. I took the bag and ran back into the kitchen to make sure the soup was boiling well. I quickly pealed the beets; cut them up…my hands looked really red. David joked about when I fed on humans last time and I turned on the stove under the frying pan.

Jess and David walked in when I was transferring the beets with other vegetables into the soup.

“Smells good, Em,” Jess tells me.

“Yes, I expect you to eat three bowls and don’t you dare flip on me. You will be the best mother and just think when you will be old, you will have two choices. Live with one twin or live with the other,” I winked at her. “Boys set the table and cut up the bread.”

While they sat the table, Jess went upstairs to clean up. After that we all toasted to her news of having twins, tried the soup which was a big success and how it’s been only two days but the contractors were doing good on their work. I told that to wait and see the finished bathroom in two weeks. 

The End

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