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I had to get up at 6:00AM in the morning to let the contractors in, they wanted to use as much day light as possible. I had my books piled up in the living room and I moved all the pots and pans and cups into the cabinets. The new nursery would be behind the kitchen. They ended up deciding to leave the glass doors, that would be the entrance into the room. One team was working outside and the other was working on the downstairs kitchen. I decided it would be easier to download the audio books of the material that I needed to know for the bar exam and walk around with one ear phone in the left ear.

 After Jess left with Tyler to her new job in his shop, I started cleaning out the upstairs bathroom.  After that was done, I walked downstairs and listened to John about how long it would take for the bathroom downstairs until it will be finished.

"We have to demolish the old stuff, check the carpentry, see about the plumbing. The plumbing would be a little different because the hole for the tub is in a different location. You are getting a much newer toilet and demolishing the closet. So far that would be about six days. The Drywall would take another three says, then there is the tiling another three days. The cabinets would be the easiest and we can do that on the last day, you are not getting anything highly too heavy so that would be ok.  Flooring and fixtures would take another two days. So that would be about fifteen days." John finished his summary.

"Wow nice breakdown of the plan," I answer him and really do hope that it would get done so fast. "How about the upstairs bathroom?"

"Give or take one to two days since it is upstairs." John explains.

"Great, keep up the good work," I answer him and leave him to it. My next step is talking to Will about the baby room. Will told me if we were lucky it would be 25 days. The weather was in our favor.

After I was satisfied about the men working, they told me they would work until 6:00PM, I started to really study. At noon, I ordered ten pizzas and six bottles of soda for the men and myself so they could eat their food and continue. They really appreciated because according to them no one ever fed them on jobs. That's why they brought their food and lunch boxes that had ice on the bottom. I told them that I will feed them every day if they will not slack off and get their work done a day early at least. I even bribed them with a home cooked meal upon the finished product. They loved it, after that they continued working and I continued studying.

David texted me about 3:00PM letting me know that he will be by around 4:00PM and if he needed to bring any food with him. I told him to brink over snacks and bubble bath bottles so I could take a bath because as the machines kept going off all around my head was pounding with rhythm.


"Ice cream tacos and I will make some margaritas for us," David says as he waltz through the front door past me, making his way into the kitchen. That man seriously made himself comfortable. I shake my head and watch him work on margaritas.

"Where's your mixer?" David asks me.

"I put everything away, hold on let me find it," I search through the kitchen until I find it.

David adds ice to the mixer, pours three ounces of tequila, adds half of lime juice, pours orange juice, I think a full cup, and a quarter shot of beer. David then covers the mixer, turns it on and watches do nine spins.

I take two glasses out and he pours a glass each for us."To us," he toast and I smile trying his margarita.

"Not bad at all bunny," I tell him and finish it fast. "Ok, I am going to go back to studying, you can watch the men or ask if anyone needs any help."

"You will pass your bar exam don't worry," David tells me but I ignore him getting back to my desk in the living room.


Around 6:00PM I get a text from Jess and I get a text from Mary who was going to do the artwork in new wall that she could stop by and show me her plans. I texted Jess to buy food because we were truly out and told her in caps to text me when they were on the way.  After that I texted Mary that I had an hour tops and she agreed.

It took her ten minutes to find the house, "Wow must have been some fire next door."

"Yeah, I need to buy a new fence in the future, I am not sure about how much in the future." I tell her and show her what the men were doing outside. She showed me different forest scenes and I chose the second one that had more skies. We agreed on the price at the same time when I heard from Jess that she was really this time on the way home. I apologized to Mary and led her out.

"I never knew you go out on remodeling like that, I am impressed." David tells me as he pulls me into him.  We get interrupted by the contractors who gave us the 441 on the job . We led the men out as well and the house became quite again.

"Well I am planning to live in this house for a while and I want Jess to like the baby room, even though she is getting married, it would give her a place for the baby in this house. I do hope she still living with me or at least Tyler will decide to rebuild and maybe we can get rid of the fence all together." I explain to him.

"You are an amazing person," David tells me and kisses me on the lips. Just like last time he picks me up and I wrap my legs around him. We both know that we are teasing each other but it is so much fun.

"Ah play time is over tiger," I tell him. "Jess said for you to get started on the grill. You and Tyler can cook while I chat with Jess."

"I hate interruptions." He bites my lip and then caresses my chest.

"Me too but if you want to play let's play when we go to bed, now go be a chef," I tell him.

He growls but lets me go and takes his tools of the trade for BBQ.

Ten minutes later, Jess and Tyler walk in.

"Alright, I'll prepare the sauce for the chicken then I'll meet David outside. I need some male time," Tyler says and looks through the drawers for the sauces that we had in the house.

"Wow looks like a train has gone through this house," Jess says. "We walked by the bathroom, everything is like gone, so for now all use upstairs and no guests at all."

I could see she didn't really mind too much. "It will take about fifteen days for the bathroom and a month for the office to get finished. So we can have your wedding late June. We really need to find you a dress in June then. Ah a summer wedding with me being a minister. I know this is too soon but you need to start thinking about your vows."

"Em, slow down! I don't think I can catch up to your busy bee mind right now," Jess tells me with her hands in the air like she was giving up. I laugh in response.  

The End

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