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 I was so surprised about Em getting ordained, she has done so much for me. Now that I'm a small millionaire I'm going to think of something nice to do. Oh I know a huge surprise BBQ bash when she passes her bar exam(because I know she will).

I was also grateful for the food I was starving, Tyler and I had been pricing cribs, strollers, play pens and other baby stuff all day. I know it's only been about a week, and I was wondering how long it would take for me to start showing. They say some women never do, maybe I will be a lucky one.

"No David tonight?" I ask Em

"Not tonight, he hasn't been home in a while and wanted to spend some time there. Also he has anew case in the morning," Em finished.

Tyler and I dug into the food as Em told us about her renovation plans. Sounds like a lot of money she is putting about, but she wouldn't accept my offer to chip in.

I felt nauseas and ran to the bathroom, it was thing  I hated most about pregnancy so far. Well aside from the strange cravings and being over emotional. Pickles and lasagna I know strange, but to me it was good. When I came out Tyler was on his cell with someone.

"Hey babe everything Ok?" I asked.

"Yes that was the fire marshal, seems it was faulty wires and I'm entitled to the house insurance money," he explained.

"I have a great Idea with my extra money from Jim and your money we should build a new house on your lot," I say excited.

"Wait what money from Jim," Em asks.

"Oh I forgot to tell you I get his half in the event he can't collect, " I tell her.

"Well babe what do you think?" I ask Tyler impatiently.

"Anything for my pumpkin," he smiled.

"You are so spoiled," Em laughed.

After we ate all three of us watched a movie, and then Tyler and I went to bed. It was my first day at his store tomorrow. A hardware store, not a very exciting place but I would be with him.


When I got into the kitchen the next morning Em was already studying for her exam and ordering around the contractors. I didn't see David yet, so I'm guessing he is busy with work.

Tyler and I left for the store, it was his first day back in over a week. Luckily his nephew was in need of extra money and had covered for him. He said he needed to do an inventory and make sure the had enough supplies in stock. It was an hour before the doors opened at 10:00 am, and I watched Tyler as he walked up and down the isles.

He said I would be at the register, and he gave me a quick lesson on how it worked. I'm pretty computer savvy, so it seemed pretty easy.

"Have you ever thought about selling this place?" I ask Tyler as he opens the door for business.

"Not really, it's been in my family for generations," he tells me.

"I just thought maybe with the babies coming," I trailed off.

" I promise you I will be there every step," Tyler assures me.

I smile at him just as our first customer walked in. Two men, seemed to be father and son looking to build a tree house for the grandson. Tyler helped them with the supplies they needed and I rung them up.

Tyler said it was slow most days, but the materials were expensive so it kept him in business.

I hopped up on the counter and Tyler came close to me. I straddled my legs around his waist and kissed him.

"Babe not here," he giggled.

"I know honey I just wanted a kiss," I teased as another customer walked in.

The day breezed by pretty fast and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

Helen had text Tyler letting him know the custody hearing was June 1st, but being the kids were living in Texas the hearing would take place there. I wasn't to excited about seeing Helen, but if I love Tyler I have no choice.

I never thought just about a month ago I would ever fall in love and become a mommy. I went from a club hopping alcoholic to a sober working young lady. I owed most of it to Em, she after all had more faith in me then I had in myself.

I really hope her and David work, he is good for her. The hint he dropped about them being partners was as permanent as it comes. When Em has her mind set on something she sees it through, so I know she would work through any problems rather then run away.

It was time to close up so I texted Em and let her know we were on our way, in case her and David were getting their freak on. I laughed at my own thought as Tyler opened the car door for me.

Em said we didn't have any food in the house and asked us to run by the grocery store on the way home. Though I knew we were out of food, it also seemed like she was stalling for a little for time. as she asked us to text on the way home from groceries so she could help us put them up.

We got several things for the house, including: yup you guessed it more pickles. Tyler decided he wanted to grill BBQ chicken and I could make some killer potato salad.

I let Em know we were on our way and to fire up the grill, it was nearly 8:oo PM when we finally got home.

The End

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