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I was grinning.  Jess left with Tyler in the morning to the shop.  David left for a golf game with another lawyer and I stayed home alone.

 I opened my laptop to search how to get ordained. I went onto Google search and searched 'American Marriage Ministries'. A friend of mine in high school told me about how her mother got a license to marry people. That came in handy so I registered myself online, the only thing they needed was my name and my email address. Then I paid to get my certificate emailed to me and printed on special paper. Tyler and Jess can marry inside city hall but I can do the wedding ceremony for them in our house.

Hopefully the divorce will come through before Jess will become big so she could wear the dress of her dreams. I put the certificate on the table and left the house. The outside still smelled burned and there was a team of people working on it to figure out the cause.

I called ahead to the contractors to see if they were in on Sunday. They were so I told them that I will be stopping by. It took me ten minutes to get to the contractors office. The architect and the contractors looked up when I opened the door. They were looking at some plans. "Miss Summers, good to see you again. Did you look at all the paperwork we have left for you with David?"

"Yes, I did and I have a question. How much more will it cost for you to get the job done faster? I will pay the addition for the extra hands and for getting the materials faster. You see my sister is getting married, not sure about the date yet but I need the job done fast, especially the baby room." I know I was asking the impossible but I needed the job done.

The men looked shocked. "We will try our best. Our accountant will look at the numbers. A couple of our factories are open today so please join John in getting some of the materials for the baby room and the bathrooms."

A man moved from the table. "I'll drive."

"Thanks John, that will be great. " I smile and follow him out.

"I hope you have your check book with you," John tells me.

"Oh I do, I came prepared," I answer and we get into the car.

We end up visiting three factories. We get the floor boards delivered to my house. The men said that they will leave them in the backyard if nobody was home. John helped me chose the right bathtubs, there were a couple of choices for the Jacuzzi ones. The wall tiles were chosen and there was enough for not ordering more. Even more in case something goes wrong. We were able to choose everything and I finished at 4:00PM. John dropped me off at their office so I could pick up the car and I refused to look at my checks that I wrote because I would start drinking.

I drove over to an artist studio and was happy to see that she was still open. I walked through the gallery and really liked the work.

"May I help you?" The artist asks me. I recognize her as the artist from the booklet.

"Yes, your booklet says that you also do wall art. Is that correct?" I ask.

She smiles at me, "yes I do. Are you interested?"

"Yes I am. I really liked the photo of that forest scene. My sister is going to have a baby and I am building a baby room. It is too early to know if it is a boy or a girl so I want to have a forest scene with deer and rabbits and lots of blue sky on the ceiling on sides. Would something like this be possible?" I explain to her the situation.

"I would be happy to. I can have some sketches done for tomorrow. Do you have measurements of the room you are building?" She asks me.

"Yes, I do, I can write them down for you. Let me know how much it will cost tomorrow as well. But there are big chances that I will agree to your price because I really like your work." I write down the measurements and leave leaving my phone number behind so she could give me a call tomorrow.

I get some food on the way home for the house. Lasagna, pizza, and salads from the Pizza Hut. I get home before Jess and Tyler did. David decided to stay in his house because she missed it and he needed to get ready for a client for Monday morning. I set down the food on the table and looked down at the certificate.

I hear the door open and hold the certificate in my hands waiting for them to step into the dining room. Jess walks in first and blinks at my happy expression. 

The End

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