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 At dinner I stared at everyone, laughing, talking, smiling, and having a great time. I was lucky, I finally had a family of my own. I had enjoyed this weekend so far, and I think it helped Em and Tyler relax to.

Tyler and dad really seemed to bond together at SeaWorld, though I was sad Bethany couldn't come. It all seemed so prefect, and I admit it scared me a bit.

We were all finished eating waiting on dessert, and dad gave Tyler a wink. Something was going on, and I was curious. Before I could ask our ice cream sundaes arrived. Everybody grabbed their spoons and dug in except Tyler who just stared at me.

"What!" I ask a little embarrassed.

Before he had a chance to answer me I had already scooped the cherry off my sundae and brought it to my mouth when I saw the diamond ring.

Am I ready for this I thought as I gazed over at Em who looked liked she had no idea. apparently David did because we gave me a big smile that matched dad's.

"Tyler, ....I," I started

"I know it seems sudden, and we don't have to set a date yet. I can't explain the hold you have on me Jess, I just feel complete when I'm with you. Two weeks has felt like a lifetime to me, and now with the baby. "Jess I'm in love with you," He finished.

I starred at everyone, who was waiting for me to say something. Tyler took the ring off the spoon and rinsed it in his glass of water. He got down on one knee and slid it on my finger.

Jessica Jean Flowers, will you do me the honor of being my wife?" he asks me nervously.

He was so cute at that moment, and I knew I loved him too.

'Yes, yes I will," I cried as I hugged him.

We all ate our dessert happily and Em shot me that look, the one that says she had something to plan. I knew colors and patterns for the wedding were already dancing in her head. So I just rolled my eyes swallowing my last bite of vanilla ice cream.

Dad paid the bill, Ty and David offered but dad insisted.  I was admiring my ring as we all walked out to the parking lot, and Tyler's phone rang.

"Is this Tyler Adam Wilson," I heard the voice ask him.

"Yes, yes this is him who may I ask is calling?" Tyler asked him as we walked off from the group.

"Everything Ok?" dad asked eyeing me.

"I don't know he got a call and walked over there," I tell them all.

When Tyler walked back to the group he looked upset, and to be holding back tears. I love a man who isn't afraid to show his feelings.

"What's wrong baby?" I ask.

Tyler's voice was shaky," I hate to be the party breaker, but I got a call informing me my house is on fire."

"What?" Em and David echoed at the same time.

"There not sure how it started, they will investigate it once its been put out. I can catch the bus back so I don't ruin your fun," Tyler explains.

"Don't be ridiculous we will all go," I tell him

"Yeah we were going to leave in the morning anyway,"Em added.

"Don't feel bad we have enjoyed your visit," Bethany says patting dads shoulder.

"Yes honey, you and your family get home and take care of it," dad agreed.

Once we got back to dads he helped us load the car, and we said our good-bye's. Then we were on our way back to the highway home.

"Do you think Helen had something to do with it," I ask Tyler.

"Jess," Em says in the keep you mouth shut voice.

"It's OK I was wondering myself," Tyler tells us.

"We will work it out," David calls from the front seat.

The rest of the drive home we just listened to the radio, and I dozed off.

By the time we got home the fire had been put out, and the fire trucks had cleared. There was an officer waiting to talk to Tyler. We all waited on the porch as he spoke to the officer. After thirty minutes he was walking back over.

"There not sure what caused it, they will come back in the morning with a crew," he fills us in.

"Your things?" I ask him.

"No I lost everything," he said and dipped his head down.

I rubbed his back and said, "I'm sure Em won't mind if you stay here a while."

I looked over at Em hoping she wouldn't be mad I asked. We would be gone most of the day at the store starting tomorrow.

"Of course, your family now," she smiled.

Em and I went inside while the boys grabbed our bags.

"Em your sure it's OK Tyler stays," I ask her in private.

"Yes," she tells me and I hug her.

"You know there are three houses for sale on our street," Em gives me that mischievous grin as the boys walk in.

I roll my eyes at her and smile. I get my bag from Tyler to put it in my room. I had left my cell so I wasn't bothered, but I had a voice mail so I checked it. Tyler walked up behind me as I was hanging up.

"Everything good?" he asked me.

I sit down on the bed and tell him," Yes that was Mr. Drake, in the event that Jim is unable to receive his half it's awarded to me. Since his death was discovered they have a check for me to pick up tomorrow."

"Look like I'm marrying into money," Tyler teases me as me leans me back on the bed.

We laugh as he starts kissing my neck, I try to remind him the doors open. He reached my mouth and I kissed him back. I felt a tingle in my stomach, my not nausea this time.

I got Tyler up still kissing him and walked over to the door to shut it. Then we made our way back to the bed.

"You know there are three houses on our street for sale," I tell him as he undresses me.

"Is that so," he mumbles through the kisses he places on my neck.

I can't resist him and I rip his clothes off and pin him down on the bed.  I slide on top of him and whisper," I love you."

He whispers back," I love you to Mrs. Wilson."

Mrs. Wilson , that's right. I was no longer going to be Jessica flowers I thought to myself.

"Jessica Jean Wilson I like it," I said out loud and the I made love to my husband.

The End

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