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I let David have ten more minutes in the shower, I took a shower last night and I don't want to take another one. The whale, Shamu, would do that for me.

I pass Jess's room and hear them still sleeping. Jess dad's house has three floors, very roomy and a lot of light. The stairs are murder on my legs, but I need to more around on my own.

I walk into the kitchen to see Bethany twirling the batter for pancakes. "Morning Bethany, can I help?"

"Sure, that will be great. It's been a while since I cooked for so many people. Do you think I made enough batter?" Bethany asked me and I take the bowl from her.

"I think it will be fine if we make small pancakes. What else are you planning for breakfast?" I asked her and put oil on the frying pan. I take two spatulas because it's easier to flip the pancakes that way and wait for the stove to warm up.

"An all American breakfast. I got a bag of bacon from Costco, so I'll be making a lot of bacon because I know men can sure eat. I also have a pitcher of milk, orange juice, and coffee on the table. I don't think we need toast because of the pancakes and I was thinking of frying the eggs or boiling them." Bethany gave me the 411 on food.

I laugh. "You're ready to feed an army. Don't forget those pickles for Jess. That is good and no they do not need toast. I think boil the eggs, that way our hands won't get tired and they would stay hot longer than fried. I'm not sure when the others will be making their way downstairs."

"Thanks Emily," Bethany said and starts putting an egg after egg into a pan. "How long have you known Jessica?"

"Oh, for like forever. Both of us grew up hard and so instantly connected. We're more of sisters than just best friends or roommates. We know what each of us likes to eat, we can buy clothing for each other knowing that we'll succeed in getting something each likes. Have similar interest in movies, we do everything together. Well, when I'm not studying to become a lawyer that is," I said with a smile.

"That is an amazing bond. So sisters then. Do you have other relatives?" Bethany probed.

I feel sad for her because she could have been a great mother.

"Ah, my birth parents have passed away. I have foster parents, but I don't talk to them," I said.  

"That doesn't sound so good. Now, I'm stepmother for Jessica, I can be yours too. Would you like that?" Bethany asked me with a genuine interest. "You can call me, mom."

I smile and give her a hug. "That would be very nice, mom."

She smiles and almost cries.

"God really likes me and Jonathan. We have gained two daughters," Bethany said and starts heating up the bacon.

I start working on the pancakes. Five minutes later, David walks into the kitchen and stands behind me, smelling the pancakes.

"I'm hungry," he said, making Bethany and I laugh.

"Looks like the food aroma is waking up everyone, because I see your husband making his way into the kitchen and there more footsteps on the stairs," I said.

"Aww, Em you made yourself at home over here. Making pancakes just like at our house," Jess said.

"Mom and I split the work," I said.

"Mom?" Jess asked me.

"Em said that you two are like sisters so I said that I'll be her mom too, so go ahead and call me mom as well, Jessica. I'll really like that," Bethany said.

Jessica gives her a big hug.

"Hey, Em looks like our family is really growing," Jessica said and I smile at her.

Then we sit down and eat. We talk about how everyone slept and if anyone had any cool dreams.  Bethany needed to do something for work so she said she will not be joining us in Sea World, but she will join us for dinner when we call her. 


We're at Sea World and I hold a map in my hand and hand the other to Jess.

"Okay, this is the game plan for tonight. Jess, Ty and dad will hang out together while I hang out with David. We meet around 6:00 PM at the exit and call mom with details about dinner. Everyone good with that?" I asked. 

"David, you should be careful around Em when she gets like this. She loves all kind of parks. I bet when my kid will be five years old, she will kidnap him to Disneyland," Jess said. 

"You know it," I replied evilly. 

"Alright, you two have fun." Tyler said.

David and I wave and go into the opposite direction.

We entered Sea World five minutes ago. All of us have white bands on our wrists so we do not have to worry about spending money on food. It came together with the park price. So my plan was to eat a lot, get a lot of chocolate Shamu's and see live otters, sea lions, and the show of Shamu-all four times that he's performing.

I even forget about my leg pain. I buy a plush otter for myself, a lunch box to where I put chocolate shamu's for later. David thought I was nuts, but he gave in and enjoyed his time. At one point he said it must be nice being twenty-three and acting like a kid. My argument was that I was never taken to parks like these when I was a kid. My foster family never did that so this was my childhood. A day like this so I could remember it.

We saw all the shows. We showed up half an early to all of those to get good seats and got splashed several times. David sneezed several times so he had a lot of tea and coffee.


At 6:00 PM we meet at the exit. The others are already there and I see that Tyler with Jonathan look like they went through hell. David told them he sympathized with them and showed all the bags of stuff that I also ended up buying.

Jess ended up buying the same plush otter so we laughed and said that we have twins.

We met Bethany at 'Rose Garden Cafe' which is closer to their house than Sea World.

"Okay, Jess look here," I said and open the lunch box to show the chocolate Shamu's. "It's our dessert and maybe even snack in the car."

She laughs so hard that everyone joined her, in the fun.

"So Em, when do you have your bar exam so you could be a lawyer like me?" David asked.

I wiggle my nose. " The exam is in September, I'm supposed to be studying for it during the summer."

"That's great Em, then I can say that I know two awesome lawyers that will have my back always," Jess said. 

"Yeah, and you can become my company partner. We can be a great team working together," David said and I blush.

He basically just said that I will be his business partner and his company will have my last name added to his. 

The End

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