Jessica- SeaWorld here we comeMature


I knew Em would love SeaWorld, so I was going to choose  San Diego. I would also much rather tell my dad he was going to be a grandpa in person, and he could meet Tyler at the same time. I rang dad up on the car ride home.

My dad answers,” hey honey everything OK?”

“Yes better then OK actually, we were thinking of making a trip that way this weekend. We want to visit SeaWorld (Em’s eyes lit up at that notion) and I have some good news,” I finished.

“We?” he asked curiously.

“Yes Tyler and I, and then Em and her boyfriend David,” I confirmed

“That would be great, I wasn’t expecting to see you so soon again,” he said excited.

I heard him call to Bethany in the background telling her of our plans. Bethany is excited as well and insists on us all staying at the house. They had two extra guest rooms that never go used.

“OK great, I was thinking about leaving tonight, is that OK?” I asked

“Yes honey no problem, I will leave the key under the mat just come in we will have your rooms ready,” he tells me.

“Great see you soon,” I say as I hang up.

Em’s frown has slightly disappeared; I know she can’t resist the excitement of SeaWorld. Next thing I need to do is make car reservations, we would need an SUV for all four is us to fit.

Tyler must have already squealed the news to David, because he was gone to his house to pack for the trip. Em was going over the estimates and paperwork with the contractors that Tyler was nice enough to stay with. Em had to order supplies for the bathrooms renovation, and when she went out she went big. I knew the finishing project would be beautiful. I overheard something about an office too; I guess Em was having one built for her practice as a lawyer.

Tyler and I went to my room to pack my things; I was excited about being able to wear my dresses before I got too big. Tyler seemed a little down, so I asked what was wrong.

“What’s with the sad face baby?” I asked concerned.

“I’m OK pumpkin, just watching my boys drive off was hard,” he said in a low voice.

“David will make sure you get to see your boys, don’t worry,” I assure him.

“I know,” he said hugging me.

I finished packing and Tyler carried my bag to the hall, and I could hear David was back. I followed their voices into the kitchen, and they were going over what to order.

“Hey you two Tyler and I are going to get the SUV,” I tell them.

“OK,” Em says half distracted.

David looks up, “I was thinking we could stop for dinner on the way somewhere.”

“Sounds good,” Tyler agreed and we left to the car rental place.

When we got back David and Em had their bags all ready and sitting next to mine in the hall. The boys loaded our things into the blue navigator we rented, and Em and I locked up the house.

“Road trip,” Em called as she jumped in the passenger seat.

David was driving first; he and Tyler would take turns.

“SeaWorld here we come,” Em said unable to hold back the excitement.

I slept most of the way, besides stopping to eat. When we got to dad’s he was still awake, and he helped the boys with the bags. I introduced everyone, and he showed us to our rooms.

I was telling David and Em good night.

“You excited about SeaWorld tomorrow,” I asked Em.

“You shouldn’t even have to ask,” she shot me a duh look.

“OK well sweet dreams,” I said as I closed the door.

Tyler followed me back towards our room, but first I wanted to tell dad the news. He was in the kitchen having a glass of milk when I entered.

“Big day tomorrow,” dad says.

I think he was a little nervous, and protective about Tyler being with me. I could tell he liked Tyler, but I was his daughter.

“So what was your news?” he asked

“Well…umm.. how do you feel about being a grandpa?” I asked him.

His eyes lit up, and looked a little teary eyed,” I would love nothing more than to be a Grand pappy.”

I hugged him and told him good night, it was going to be a long day tomorrow.

The End

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