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All of the cops gave me a headache, I even lost count of how many times I had to explain of what happened to me.

When Jess and Tyler got home, I felt like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Then David showed up and being in his arms helped breathe because I felt suffocated. But it still took some time for them to confirm that it was indeed self defense. Jess and Tyler has gone upstairs while David stayed with me.

When David heard of how Jim tricked me, he was so mad that it scared and pleased me at the same time. He told me that I had a good heart but I really should have called him before heading home. I hung my head low and apologized. He hugged me close and said I did nothing wrong.

After the last cop left, David helped me up to the second floor so I could take a shower. My leg hurt a lot and now I knew how Jim felt when I knifed him. I walked into the bathroom and was about to close the door when David stopped it.

"No, you can take your shower, but I'm staying in here with you," David said to me.

I blush. "There's no more threat, bunny. I can take a shower by myself."

He shakes his head. "No, besides, you'll need help to get out of the tub with your leg."

I pout and decided not to fight back.

"Can you get me clean clothes then while I get in. I promise to not lock the door," I said.

He nods and leaves.

I strip down and pull my hurt leg into the tub. I slid the door and turned on the water. The hot water hurt my leg but it needed to get clean since I refused to get real treatment from the ambulance. I heard the door open into the bathroom but continued to wash myself. After I turned off the water, I peaked my head out and saw that David was leaning against the door watching me like a hawk.

I blush. "Can you hand me a towel, bunny?"

David doesn't say anything but moves his body towards me. He gives me a towel and presented me with a clean bra, panties, and one of my new sundresses. It took me some time to change.

This time David picked me up into his arms and made his way down the stairs.

Tyler and Jess are in the process of finishing with Chicken pasta and salads. The aroma of the food makes me hungry.

David sets me down carefully onto a chair by the table and starts to set the table. I watch Jess bring over the pasta and the salads, I'm hungry.

When everyone sits down, we, each, take enough food onto our plates. 

"Tyler, you're a bad dad!" I said. 

He looks shocked.

"A young mother needs pickles! So where is a pickle for Jess? Huh...huh...huh?" I asked. 

All of us start laughing.

"Em is right! I want a pickle." Jess smiles up at Tyler and does puppy eyes.

"Right cabinet, Ty," I said and David shakes his head at me for making fun of him.

After Jess gets her pickle, I clear my throat.

"Listen guys, I know that you're worried about me and don't be. I'll be okay. My family is safe. But," and here is the sentence that I said fifty times inside my head during my shower. "Never bring up what happened today. I don't want to talk about it. I don't want to remember it. I just want to work on my summer projects with this house, take care of Jess while she's expecting, and get to know the two men sitting  here. Got it?"

All of them nod and I sigh in satisfaction.

The rest of the dinner flies like normal. 


David helps me downstairs in the morning.

Jess is in the kitchen, trying to figure out if she wants to eat fish or ice cream for breakfast.

"Jess, please tell me that you're not thinking about eating either of those things," I begged.

"Okay, I won't, we can buy some burgers when we get into the city to the diner. You're still going to drive me right?" Jess asked playfully.

"Yes, yes," I replied.

David takes out the milk and pours some for himself.

"It's 8:30 AM. David why don't you go with Tyler so he can say bye to his kids," Jess said.

"Good idea." David agreed.

"I'll take Jess to get her check and so she can quit. The guy that's supposed to be working on the bathrooms should come around 10:00 AM. Can I trust you, boys, to take care of it? Text me the estimate of the job." I glare at them. 

"No worries," David said and they leave.

Jess helps me to the car and we drive over to the diner. I wait in the car while she goes in. I rub my knee in an attempt to dull the pain. Jess comes out fifteen minutes later.

"Alright! No more diner, but I think I will eat there for a while. I feel kind of bad about leaving. So burgers please, or maybe spaghetti?" Jess puts a finger to her mouth with a big smile.

"Okay, I know a place that has both," I said and it takes about ten minutes to get there.

When we get to the restaurant, Jess orders both- a burger and spaghetti. I just got a green salad. My stomach is not happy with me, so a salad works. I was barely able to eat the chicken pasta. Every time, I took a bite, it felt wrong. I knew that if I didn't kill Jim, he would kill me. My brain knew it but my stomach still doesn't. 

"So, Tyler said he wants us to go out the weekend. All four of us together!" Jess exclaimed after dipping her fries that she got with the burger into ranch dressing.

"Hmm, that's probably a good idea," I said and move my fork around on my plate.

Jess doesn't notice.

"What? You're not arguing with me about it?" She asked shocked.

"Why would I fight it, it's a logical idea, " I said and eat a lettuce, regretting it a second later.

"Yey!" Jess said happily. "Now, onto another topic!"

"And that topic is?" I asked her, feeling entertained.

"You and David, of course. Now spill, tell me that you have moved past just making out. I mean, even I noticed that David is built," she said.

"Umm, well...umm." I blush. "You're not wrong about his built. And...um...he's impressive," I said this while scratching my head and looking anywhere but at Jess.

She squeaks like a mouse making some people in the restaurant turn heads.

"Oh my god! Go David! Finally, you're in a healthy relationship! Finally! Is he good? Is he a nice guy in bed or aggressive?" Jess went off tangent. 

"Now, now Jess. He's really good in bed and that's all that you're going to get out of me," I said.

My phone beeps and I see a text from David.

David: Both bathrooms $8,000 each and that includes ripping off the cabinets
Em: How much for adding a nursery?
David: $24,000
Em: Sounds reasonable. They can start on Monday. Downstairs bathroom and the nursery first, so they should order all the materials
David: You sure you want to do this?
Em: ^_^ Of course, bunny. Just tell them to say office not nursery. Remember it's a surprise.
David: Will do, get home soon ladies, we miss you <3
Em: Okay

"Alright, the boys miss us, let's go home and get packed to leave," I said with a smile.

"You mean to tell me, that all you did is flirt over text, or did he also tell you the estimate for the bathrooms," Jess said. 

"Yes, I got the estimate and no, I'm not telling you what it is. Expecting mothers are not supposed to be stressed out. So will we go to San Diego so Tyler can meet your father or Monterey Bay?" I asked her sweetly. 

The End

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