Jessica- Tragedy amongst usMature


When Tyler and I returned home the place was crawling with authoriy figures from abulances to police cars. Then we spotted the coroner's van, and before Tyler could stop me I was at the caution tape.

 "I live here..EM...EM..let me through where is she...what hap," I was cut off by Tyler who caught up to me.

 "Look pumpkin Em is on the couch with the officer," he calmed me. I took a deep breath and my heart landed back in it's chest cavity.

I thought I had lost Em, but what happened? It couldn't be a fight with David or Helen causing so much attention. Finally the officers waived for us to come into the house. Em's Jeans were soaked in blood and there was a knife on the floor at her feet.  When she saw me, she ran towards me and hugged me. She started crying so hard I could barely make out what she was saying.

 "Jim....he.. tricked me...your voice...he's dead," she muttered under her tears.  I knew she was crying not in fear but because she had to take a life to protect her family.

She was always the strong one out of the two of us. 

David came busting in the door as white as a ghost. "What happened in here?" he yelled in a frantic. 

Tyler explained to him what we had gotten out of Em so far. When I saw him I transfered Em over to him and went upstairs to get her some clean jeans. I knew her mind was not right and cleaning off the blood was the last thing on her mind. I was hoping to get David to talk her into a shower after everyone cleared out. 

Jim is dead, and even though by blood he was my brother it was well deserved. I was glad that EM was OK, I don't even want to think about if it were her. Tyler and I went to my room to be alone until the place cleared out. I needed to change my clothes, some of the blood transfered from EM to me. The sight of blood made me squeamish. 

While we were waiting for everything to cool down Helen text Tyler.

Helen: I have a moving truck coming in the morning were leaving at 9:00am

Tyler: I would like to tell Caleb and Colton goodbye

Helen: OK I guess that would be OK, but don't bring her

Tyler: OK

We hadn't found David at his house earlier so we called him, and he promised to give Helen's lawyer a call. That is probably why she was being cordial to Tyler at the moment.

"You know babe, you should quit the diner," Tyler tells me.

"But I just started," I tell him.

"Yes but with Helen gone you can help me at the store, and you will have to leave eventually anyway for the baby," he tries to convince me.

I thought it over for a minute, it would be more convenient. I wouldn't have to follow anyone's rules and my hours would be whatever I want them to be. I was about to respond to him when my phone rang.

"Hello?" I said as I took the call.

"Yes this is her, Oh Ok great thanks Mr. Drake....good-bye," I said hanging up.

I explain to Tyler it was the lawyer handling mom's will, and he said I can come pick up my check tomorrow. So the whole quitting the diner would be a good idea.

"OK," I said

"OK what?" Tyler asks

"I will quit and help at the store," I replied

"Great," He says happily

"Beside sleeping with the boss has its perks," I laughed.

Tyler gave me a silly look and we both leaned back on my bed. I would call the diner later and give them the news, right now Em needed us.

Even when something good happens it always ends with something bad, but we were all hanging in there. I finally found my dad, Tyler was really leaving Helen, Em had a man in her life, and Jim was no longer a problem. Now all I need to do is get insurance on my car,  Tyler fixed it to surprise me while I was visiting my dad.

"We should all get out of here for the weekend," Tyler tells me.

" I don't know," I hesitated

"It's perfect there is nothing holding us here, and considering all that's happed we need to get away from here," he tries to sell me.

"I will run it by David and Em tomorrow," I said looking out the window to see the last police car driving off.

"Deal," Tyler replied

"Right now Em needs us," I said standing up and grabbing Tyler's hand.

We headed to the living room, and I heard the shower upstairs running. Thank you David I thought to myself.

Tyler and I went into the kitchen to find something to make for dinner, everything had already been cleaned up. We found stuff to make Chicken pasta and salads.
We started cooking, and waited for Em and David to rejoin us.

The End

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