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I was glad to have the day off after such a crazy night, and the traveling from my dad's visit. When I stirred to use the bathroom Tyler jumped up.

"What? what is it," he asked now in a standing position.

"Nothing baby, just need the bathroom," I laughed looking at his bed head hair.

I could definitely get use to waking up like this every morning. I wasn't sure if I wanted to move in with Tyler just yet, if he asked. I wasn't sure what this pregnancy would be like, and for that I felt closer to Em. We did have plans to find a doctor today, for me and one for the baby when he/she was born. Another question was it a he or she, and did I want it to be a surprise. Who am I kidding Auntie Em would be driving me crazy so she could go on a shopping spree. Considering our up bringing family was a very important matter to us, and even more now.

After the restroom Tyler went over to get some clothes from his house, and I headed into the kitchen for some breakfast. David and Em were either still sleeping, gone already, or you know what. I wondered if they had went to that step in the relationship yet. Em was reserved she didn't make mention unless I asked usually. I was just finishing my cereal and fruit when Tyler walking in steaming mad.

"That woman is impossible," he said storming in the kitchen.

"Baby what happened," I asked patting the chair next to me.

He explains, "So I'm in the room getting some clothes, and Helen comes up and slaps me right in front of the boys. I keep calm and tell her just let me get my things and go. But no she had to start arguing with me and putting me in a mood. As I was leaving she said she would make sure I never saw my boys again."

"I'm sorry baby," I pouted as I rubbed the red mark on his cheek.

"Let me make you some breakfast," I volunteered.

I was cracking the eggs for his omelet when David and Em walked down the stairs already dressed.

"Make it three omelets please," Em chimed in.

I look at Tyler smiling then replied," coming right up."

I finished making the omelets and dived them onto three plates, setting one in front of each of my new family members. I returned to my original chair while they ate their breakfast.

"So where are you two off to?" I asked winking at Em.

"I have some shopping to do and David has some separate errands to run on his own," Em answered before David could.

"What about you two?" Em asked after a bite of egg.

"Since I'm off today we are going to check out some doctors," I tell her.

"OK don't forget the buddy system," she reminds me as I leave to take a shower.

I got dressed and came back out of my room, Tyler was watching the news in the living room.I was a little worried about Em shopping on her own, but I knew she could take care of herself. I wanted to tell her to be safe anyway.

"Ready?" I asked from the hallway.

"Yes lets get moving," Tyler said jumping up from his chair.

"Em?" I called up the stairs.

"They already left," Tyler tells me.

We were about to leave when I started feeling nanuses again.

"I'm feeling sick," I said as I ran to the bathroom.

When I was finished I came back out and Tyler was waiting on hold on the phone.

"Do you know where David is?" he whispered

"At the house," I tell him as I shrug.

I was guessing he went home first, he needed a change of clothes for sure. Tyler hangs up the phone and walks over to me and kisses my forehead.

"Hold me," I tell him.

He smiles and wraps his arms around me. This whole pregnancy thing made me a bit insecure and emotional. I was always feeling the need for extra attention, and he had no problem giving it. I let him know I was ready to go and walked towards the door.

"Why did you ask where David was?" I asked once we were in the car.

"That was my lawyer on the phone, Helen called him after I left this morning. She is making false accusations against me, and I need David's input how to handle it. I was hoping we could swing by there after this first visit?" he asked with his adorable smile.

"Sure," I tell him as we pull into the first doctor on our list.

I held his hand as we walked into the lobby together, this is it the beginning of my life with Tyler.After we signed in we took a seat in the waiting room.

"He babe have you thought of any baby names yet, " I ask him.

"No I was thinking all four of us could visit that subject later tonight," he says

I nod in agreement and nuzzle my head into his shoulder as we wait for the interview with the Dr. White.

The End

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