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It wasn’t such a big surprise of Jess being pregnant, mainly because of her text and I ended up thinking about it before sleep and after I woke up.

I spent my morning in different stores looking for bathtubs. I also realized the potential of redoing both bathrooms. There is a closet for towels by both bathrooms, so both of those closets can go, making more room for the bigger bathtub. I got home twenty minutes before Jess did and started reading a novel to keep me entertained.

Her running to the bathroom wasn't much of a surprise. 

Then, before she could face Tyler, I was comforting her and thinking that we can have one more addition to the house, not just the bathrooms. The best sun is by the glass doors to the backyard. The backyard of the house is really big and at one point, I wanted to get a pool but then decided that cleaning would be the end of me. But, adding a small nursery would be no problem. I decided to tell Jess later about the bathrooms, and the nursery would be a surprise. She'll just think that it will be a third bathroom or a sun room. I can work my magic on that.

I'm really happy that Tyler is stepping up to be a father and would be there for Jess. If he would have said no, I would probably stab him in the leg or his heart.

Jess waved at me from the car, Tyler's taking her to work. After they are a good distance away, I start dancing. David looks at me like I'm nuts.

“What’s going on, bunny?” David asked.

“Well, my school is over and now I get to work on the project that got into my head,” I said excitedly and take his hands and start twirling and circling in a circle with him.

After our heads start being dizzy, I stop.

“I'm going to be an Aunty! So, I need to start acting like it. I will start fixing both bathrooms and I'll build a nursery. What you think?” I asked. 

David picks me up, forcing me to wrap my legs around his torso.

“Em, you will be a terrific Aunt,” he said.

After hearing that, I kiss him. The kiss was slow then got heated fast. His hand traveled under my shirt unhooking my bra and he walked over to the kitchen counter setting me down, kissing my neck and unbuttoning my shirt. I was lost to his touch and forgot that our relationship is moving into that direction and just let things be. At some point his phone rang but we ignored it. Somehow, we got upstairs for round two and then I fell asleep in his arms.


I wake up an hour later because my phone rang. David mumbles something incoherent, but I ignore him. 

“Hello?” I said into the phone.

“Hey Em? We're you asleep? Sorry?” Tyler apologized.

“It’s okay, I need to be waking up, and you two will be coming in an hour right?” I asked him.

“Yeah, I'll pick her up in an hour, just reminding about the movie night tonight,” Tyler tells me.

“Umm, movie night, right. You're getting the movie and I'm ordering pizza and making popcorn,” I said and hang up. I look to the faker on the bed.

His eyes are closed, but I know he's not sleeping.

“Bunny,” I said. “We need to get up, get dressed, and order pizza. Movie night!”

Before he can pull me to him, I jump off the bed and put on my silk robe. Then I get downstairs to see the clothes scattered everywhere. I pick everything up and walk upstairs, throwing it on the bed.

“I’m taking a shower first,” I said.

“I can join you,” David suggested.

I blush. “Nope.”

I leave to the bathroom and lock the door. I blush redder because it hits me luck a truck. I slept with David, not once but twice. I shake my head at myself because I told myself that I will take things slow and here I am, in bed with the man that is purely amazing. For now, hopefully forever. 

David took a shower next and I set up stools for our feet so if we wanted to stretch out legs, they can rest on the stools. Then we sat together, watching a show while waiting for them. When Jess came home, to add to her mood, I gave her a purple bag with the dresses and shoes. I know she would not wear the dresses for a long time, but the shoes would be okay. 

Jess’s phone went off during the middle of the movie.

After she hangs up, she says, “they were transferring Jim to another wing, and he escaped.”

“Then, we're staying here tonight,” David insisted and I cuddled closer to him, the images of my last two encounters with Jim still fresh in my mind.

“That’s good, but we need to stick together when we're here. Jim's not going to go against us, if we're shopping or at work. Too many witnesses,” I told everyone.

“Until he's caught, David and I will be staying with you girls. We will bring some clothing tomorrow,” Tyler volunteered.

“You really think he would risk coming back?” Jess asked.

She was hoping that Jim would leave us alone.

“He will,” I responded and squeeze her hand.

“The only one that will be home the most, will be you, bunny,” David said to me.

“Nope, I'm going to be driving around town to get myself a specialist and will be working on fixing the bathrooms. I'll either be home with a worker or be home after you guys get home. Jess can spend her time at your shop, Tyler, after Jess is done with her shifts. Cell phones always charged,” I finished.

“Agreed,” the three voiced.

I needed a drink, but, I wasn’t going to get one because Jess can't drink anymore and she's probably thinking of drinking, herself.

We did end up deciding to finish the movie at least and then go to bed early. All of us are stressed. 

The End

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