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When I walked in Em was on the couch reading one of her novel's, and no sight of the boy's. I guess she wanted to relax before I came home. It's already 3:00 PM and my shift starts in two hours.

I was about to walk in and join her when the vomit filled my throat again, so I ran straight for the bathroom. I had asked my dad to stop at the drug store on the way home, and I ran in and secretly grabbed a pregnancy test.

After I cleaned my face up, I followed the directions on the box. Just as I was waiting my two minutes Em knocked on the door.

"Everything OK?" she asked.

"Yes and No I will be out in a minute," I called back.

I could hear Em tapping her foot nervously outside the door, she knew something was up.

"Hurry up what's your news," she said impatiently.

I held the test up, positive sign I knew it. What am I going to do now, I wasn't going to tell Tyler right away. He had enough going on with Helen at the moment. I'm not even sure if he wanted more kids. I opened the door and held out my hand that held the test.

"Whoa, does Tyler know?" Em asked.

"NO and I don't want to tell him yet," I told her.

"Tell me what?" Tyler asked as him and David walked into the hallway.

"Sorry, I didn't get a chance to tell you I invited them when you told me you were close," she shrugged her shoulders.

I was trapped I had no choice but to tell him now, but I wanted to do it in privacy. I concealed the test before they could see it.

"Um, I have to use the restroom and I be right out," I fake smiled.

In the restroom I felt like I was having a panic attack. Then Em came in and calmed me down while the guys waited in the living room. We finally came out, and I asked Tyler to come to my room.

"Oooh already you just got back," David teased.

Em shook her head to let him know it was not a joking matter. Tyler followed me into my room, and I closed the door which I rarely do.

I took a deep breath and handed him the test. At first he was quiet and the he sat next to me on the bed.

"Your...pregnant?" He asks.

"Yes," I began to cry.

He held me in his embrace and pet my hair as I cried. I was just getting things on track, I'm not ready to be a mom already. It was all too much to handle.

"It's going to be OK pumpkin I'm not going anywhere," he assured me.

I just let him hold me for a while, and then I had to get ready for work. He dropped me off and said he would be back after my shift.


It was hard to concentrate at work with all that has happened. I was happy to see Tyler as I walked out to the car. He told me that we were having a movie night, all four of us. I didn't fight the plan, I needed to be around people right now.

"Helen is moving back to Texas next week," Tyler told me on the drive home.

"Really?" I asked.

"Yes, the house is still in my uncle's name so she can't kick me out." he smiled.

" I can handle a week," I smiled as we pulled into the drive way. all the lights were out at Tyler's, so Helen wouldn't be giving us any trouble. Tyler said that Helen had no idea where he was staying either.

when we got home Em ran up and hugged me, then she gave my a big purple bag. Inside were shoes and dresses, and it made me feel better. Even though I wouldn't be able to wear the dresses so, depending on how big I got.

David had order pizza's that arrived right before we got there, and Tyler had selected some movies on his way to get me. We all gathered in the living room and pigged out on pizza.

Em told me about her plans with the bathroom, and I thought it was a great Idea being as we would have a new addition soon. I was glad to have such great people who cared about me in a time like this. Em told me her news of school, so the bathroom project would keep her occupied now.

I told them about my father's gesture to put his name on my birth certificate. I also mentioned that they were invited to Port Aransas with us.

We all cuddled on the couch together and put the first movie in, I didn't care what it was just that I was surrounded by love.

Halfway into the movie my phone rang.

"Hello," I answered. Yes this is her. What? Your kidding me. Thank you for the warning, " I said as I hung up.

"What is it?" Em asked.

"They were transferring Jim to another wing, and he escaped," I told her.

"Then were staying here tonight," David insisted.

When it rains it pours I thought to myself as we all started making plans for our safety.

The End

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