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When I entered the house after driving for more than four hours, I really, really wanted a shower. But no, the first thing that I did was to see how the new door was coming along, the repair guy had to replace the other door as well. He was putting on the final touches. Tyler was watching TV while I observed the repair guy and watched David who was set up at the kitchen table with his laptop and tons of papers. 

David pulled me into a hug and after I pulled away, I kissed him. He was surprised but kissed me back. David then told me that Tyler will be staying with him for a while because Helen kicked him out. That explained why Tyler was sitting and watching TV, without really paying attention to the TV. I knew he doesn't care about Helen, but he does care about the kids.

I texted Jess to let her know that I was home and about Tyler. 

Then I finally got the bathroom to myself. I knew the guys would take care of stuff so I decided on a bath with fake candles on the floor for me to look at. I hate driving for long time periods. It makes me tired and irritated. 

I think that I will get a new bath tub, a Jacuzzi bath tub and extend the downstairs bathroom to have a bathtub there too. Right now the downstairs bathroom has a shower, but a bathtub would be better, that way Jess can be downstairs and I can be upstairs. I can talk to her about it when she comes back.

After I get out, I change into my night dress and put on my silk bathrobe. It's evening already. My nose picks up the scent of chicken, mashed potatoes and french fries. There is never enough potatoes in the world.

I make my way downstairs to see KFC chicken and potatoes. I walk up behind David and kiss him on the neck, making him jump. I wink at him and take some popcorn chicken into my hand and start popping them into my mouth. 

"How's my new door and how much did it cost?" I asked the guys. "Oh, and I am taking the mashed potatoes for myself, my favorite." I pick up the cup of potatoes and start eating.

Both men laugh at me and I start pouting. "The papers about the door are in the file folder next to the fridge," David said and messes up my hair.

"Hey! I just showered, don't make my hair more of a mess! Alright, I will pay you back tomorrow," I said and smile. "So Tyler, just because you will be living with David, don't think that you can bring girls over and watch striptease. Out of the question."

"But, but, I already ordered two girls for tonight. Not refundable!" Tyler said with a grin.

"What are their names, Tyler?" I lower my gaze at him.

"You would want them for yourself, later. One gal is called Pillow, the other Blanket," Tyler said and the three of us start laughing.

We talked and ate for the next half an hour, then I kicked them out. I would have been okay with David staying, but tonight Tyler would need to stay, too and I thought that he might want to be away from the house next door. After I closed my door and locked it, five minutes later, the door bell rings through my entire house making me irritated again.

Helen is on my door step. "I can't believe that you two little girls broke up my marriage!"

I glare at her. "You cost me $2000, Helen. Your marriage was over when you cheated on your husband. I would advise you to leave right now or I'm filing for a restraining order."

She raises her hand to hit me and I don't stop her. My cheek hurts and really burns.

"You're a bitch and your roommate is a slut," she said and walks away after that. I slam the door and call the police.

"Officer Green, please, Miss Summers calling," I said into the phone after the local police station picks up.

"One moment please, Miss Summers," the receptionist said and music starts playing on the line for a minute.

"What can I do for you, Miss Summers? Is your door fixed now?" Officer Green asked.

"Yes it is officer. You were amazing with your first rate service. My neighbor, Helen, just stopped by. She yelled at me for me breaking up her marriage and slapped face. It will be bruised, I would like to file for a restraining order against her. I don't want her coming close to me or my roommate Jessica," I explained.

"I'll be right there, Miss Summers. We will do the paperwork right then and there," he said before hanging up. 

 I walk over to the mirror to see a bruise forming. I smile, I caught that little bitch. If I stopped her from hitting me, there would not be enough to file for a restraining order, but with the door and physical violence is enough. Helen should have known who she was dealing with.

Ten minutes later, Officer Green showed up and we filled the paperwork out. He noted my blue bruise on my cheek, it was a good thing that Helen did not hold back. After he left, I worked on several papers about different laws so I could turn them in tomorrow. Since I was not away, I needed to show up to class. It was the last week of classes, Friday being the last day. Yes, I know last day before May 1st... horrible! But, the professors were going to a lawyer retreat so we ended sooner than other courses at the law school. It was fine with me because I needed a break. I ended up working till three in the morning. 


I ended up, not waking up on time for my first class, but I did go to my second and third. I turned in all my papers and got a big surprise.

The professors were so impressed with me turning in everything early, that they said that I don't need to go to the rest of the classes. That was after us catching up and me explaining the crazy events of my life. That made me happy. They did give me bad news, I have to study for the bar exam, which according to them would take all summer and the test would be in September. If I pass the exam, I would be a real lawyer. Just when I thought I could have a break.

I stop by a diner, not the one that Jess works for and order two salmon dinners to go. I wait for twenty minutes for the food and ended up playing cell phone games. I swear, my brain cells died in that amount of time. After grabbing the food, I drive over to David's and poke my head through the door way.

David looks up from the printer and smiles upon seeing me. "Aren't you supposed to be in class, bunny?"

I laugh and hold the bag in his face. "Nope, I'm free for the summer. A month early! I brought lunch, do you have clients right now?"

"Not for another hour. That's great, I've been hungry since breakfast." David picks up the bag and we walk into a room that we use for eating lunch or dinner. He pulls the lunch boxes out. "Salmon, great choice."

"Thanks," I said and my fingers brush against my cheek, smearing my make-up.

David's expression changes. "Bunny, what happened?"

I smile at him. "Oh, I just caught a mouse in a trap," and proceeded to tell him about Helen.

"I knew I should have stayed over last night," he snarled.

I pick up some salmon with my fork and carry it up to his mouth. He bites into the salmon, but is still angry.

"With the restraining order and divorce, she'll probably be moving back home with the kids. I would leave it alone," I said and eat steamed vegetables.

We talk for another half an hour then a client comes in.

I make myself scarce and go shopping. I actually spend money this time, normally I don't shop this extensively but I needed this. I ended up buying three pairs of shoes for me, three for Jess. I bought ton of board games, different card games, and some puzzles. Also, I bought summer swimming suits, dresses, shorts, shirts, tops, hair stuff, and jewelry. I bought some summer dresses for Jess, too.

When I get home, it's already evening and time for me to go to bed. I'm about to fall asleep when my phone beeps.

Jess: how are things?
Em: David got the glass replaced and he has been over protective
Jess: Lol... that's what boyfriends do
Em: Boyfriend?

When she said boyfriend, my heart leaped. I think back to why she would say that and remember the conversation with Officer Green. At that time, I said boyfriend, I guess I think of David as a boyfriend. Does he think me as his girlfriend? He calls me bunny....

Jess, you're in trouble when you get home for making my brain hurt.

Jess: Isn't that what you referred to him as?
Em: Ummm...
Jess: anyway I have news but I need to confirm first when I get home
Em: what is it?

Please tell me it's good news. What does she need to confirm? That she still has a job? No, it has to be something else.

Jess: I will tell you tomorrow when I get home
Em: OK good night
Jess: night

Great, now before I fall asleep, I'll be thinking about confirming things.

The End

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