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I felt bad letting Em leave by herself to deal with Helen's drama, but I knew David would protect her. I mean she did after all refer to him as her boyfriend, even though she didn't know I noticed.

My dad offered to let me stay in their guest room, and then to drive me back home Wednesday morning. I had to be back for work that night, so I only miss two days.

My father pretty much went into the office when he wanted, and lucky for today he just happen to stay home. He said he was going to take me on a tour later after dinner.

We talked about each other's lives and pointed out our similarities. He said it was a blessing from Heaven that I showed up on his doorstep, sadly Bethany was unable to have children. They had been to many specialist and tried in vitro fertilization, but all attempts had been a dead end.

He was sad about Norma Jean's passing, but glad that I searched him out. He was a simple man, even though he owned a trillion dollar company. I had his green eyes and pug nose, and it felt good to be part of something again. He lived in an average size house, and wore average clothing. He didn't have big flashy flat screen televisions or an expensive car. He was just Jonathan Michael Williams.

After the tour of his company we stopped for some homemade icecream. I told him about Tyler, well not the married part. He was happy that I found someone to make me happy. He was also grateful for Em and I having such a loyal friendship. We spoke of making plans to see each other on holiday's and such. We were at the end of April so it was going to be summer soon, and we talked a vacation to Port Aransas Texas. I heard from Tyler it is very beautiful there, despite Helen being from Texas.

I got a text from Em when we were on our way back to his house.

Em: made it home, David is here helping me

Jess: glad you made it safe

Em: Helen kicked Tyler out

Jess: What?? why didn't he call me

Em: he knew where you were was more important

Jess: I still care about him to

Em: don't worry David is letting him stay in his guest room until he gets a place

Jess: Ok luv ya..see you soon

Em: Luv ya now stop texting me and be with your dad.

"Everything OK?" Jonathan asks me

"Yes great, Em was just letting me know she made it home." I told him as we pulled into his drive-way.

In the morning we had plans to visit the state park, and then have a picnic. Bethany was going to join us as well, she was after all my step mother.


The park was beautiful and I took lots of pictures for Emily. We spread our blanket out under a large oak tree and set up the food.

"Bethany and I were talking about something, and we would like to know if it's OK?" my dad asks me

"Ok, what is it?" I ask

"Well I would like to do an DNA test and get my name updated on your birth certificate," he stated

" Oh wow really? I would love that," I said over joyed.

We spent the rest of the afternoon at the park and stopped for a nice dinner on the way back to the house.

As I got ready for bed I was a little sad knowing I was leaving tomorrow. I knew I would see them again, and it was going to become official with the DNA tests. Still all the same, I just found them and I didn't want to ever lose my dad.

I decided to check on Tyler before I fell asleep, so I text him.

Jess: Hey hot stuff

Tyler: Hey pumpkin

Jess: Miss me?

Tyler: of course

Jess: How is it being David's roommate

Tyler: He has been very hospitable

Jess: Good I will come see you after my shift tomorrow night

Tyler: OK can't wait

I was about to lay down when I had that same nauseous feeling again. I ran to the bathroom and vomited.

"Oh shit, " I whispered to myself

I went back into the room and grabbed my phone to text Em.

Jess: how are things?

Em: David got the glass replaced and he has been over protective

Jess: Lol... that's what boyfriends do

Em: Boyfriend?

Jess: Isn't that what you referred to him as?

Em: Ummm...

Jess: anyway I have news but I need to confirm first when I get home

Em: what is it?

Jess: I will tell you tomorrow when I get home

Em: OK good night

Jess: night

The End

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