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I loved watching Jess meet her father and after a while I started thinking up of excuses to leave. One of them included me driving to San Diego to see Sea World. The other was that I was exhausted and wanted to find a hotel, the last one was about me catching up on homework. But, it didn't happen that way because my phone rang. I excused myself from the table and walked out into the living room.

"Hello?" I asked.

"Is this Emily Summers. This is the house alarm service, ma'am," the man said.

"Yes, you're talking to Emily Summers. What happened? Is my house alright?" I start feeling weak and start freaking out inside my head. I'm very happy that I ended up signing up for that alarm service.

"Are you at home, Miss Summers?" The officer asked me.

"No, I'm near San Diego on a personal matter," I replied.

"Your house alarm went off only seconds ago, I have officers driving to your place right now. They will let me know about the problem in a minute," the officer said, making my heart skip a beat. 

"Oh my, I hope everything is okay, it's going to take about four hours to get back for me." I told him. 

"Do you have someone that can take care of your house while you will be on your way?" He asked me in return.

"Yes, I'll call my boyfriend to watch my house if it's not too serious," I nodded. 

"Good, oh hold on, they are letting me know what happened," he said and I hear some muffled conversation.

At this moment Jess walks in and sees my expression.

"Is everything okay, Em?" She asked.

"I'll let you know in a minute, the house alarm went off," I said. "Oh yes, I'm here."

"A passerby individual saw your neighbor, Helen, throw a chair through your backyard glass door, Miss Summers," he explained what happened. 

I get angry. "You are kidding? She threw a chair through my glass door? I want to press charges."

Jess looks at me confused.

"Helen told my officers that she did this in response for you hitting her. Is there a neighbors feud between you two?" The officer asked.

I smile. "Officer, there is something going on but it has nothing to do with me so I'm not sure why she would lie like that. You see, Helen thinks that my roommate is dating her husband. So if anyone is going to have a fight, it would be them."

"Oh," he said. 

"Right officer, can I press charges, please? It's going to be expensive to replace my door," I said. "Oh and please reset the alarm for me. I want to know if anything else happens while I'm driving back."

After that I answer more questions, they reset my alarm, and I hang up.

"What happened?" Jess asked nervously. "Something to do with Helen, I only understood part of it."

"She threw a chair through our backyard glass door. I'm so mad. I have to leave," I said and look through my purse for emergency funds. I always keep $1000 in a white envelope inside my purse. Jess knows it, her eyes go wide when I give it to her. "I'm going back. Please stay and enjoy your time with your father. You can use this money to either buy a gray hound bus ride back home or a plane ticket. I hope that you're not mad."

Jess takes the envelope. "Thank you, Em and please let me know what happens. I will be okay and call me when you get home."

We hug and she goes back to the kitchen while I call David. He picks up quickly.

"Hey David, can you and Tyler watch my house? I'm on the way home. Tyler should be receiving a phone call from the police as well," I stated. 

Then, I continue to give him information about the spare key hiding place, the alarm code that he needs to use upon entering the house and also ask him if he can get some guys to my house to get me a new door.

And then, I explain my reason for leaving Jess with her father. We agree that it will not be the last time that we will all see other and I leave.

Four hours, long four hours. I download a voice recorded book of the first Harry Potter book and let it play during my drive. I didn't want to listen to anything serious.

I thought everything was getting better but now I have a feeling it will be a while before it does. 

The End

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