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I called the diner and asked Penny to put her mom on the phone, I'm so bad with names I forgot hers. I hear her handing the phone over to her mom.

"It's Jessica Flowers," she tells her mom.

"Hey Jessica is everything OK?" she asks me.

"Well actually I have an emergency and I will need to be out of town the next three days," I saw calmly. If I give away my excitement she might think I'm lying.

"You have only been here two weeks, I don't think that looks so good," Penny's mom responds.

I'm getting impatient and don't want to be rude so I say," Look I am going either way, I was just hoping I had a job when I got back."

There was a long pause," alright but don't make a habit of it," her voice trailed off as she handed the phone back to Penny.

"What's the emergency Jess," Penny asks.

"I will tell you when I get back." I say as I hang up the phone.

I grabbed Em's hands and swung us around in circle's like two teenagers that just got asked to prom.

"Hurry up before I change my mind," Em says joking.

I through a bunch of clothes in my bag and returned back down stairs. We would have to stay in a hotel tonight as it would be late when we got there. I was going to talk Em into at least driving by his house.

I felt bad that Em had to miss even more school, but her professor was super nice. I heard her explaining to David on the phone about our trip.

"All ready?" she asked as she hung up the phone.

"YES only for the last twenty-two years," I jumped with excitement.

I felt like a child again for the first time, and I was going to finally meet my dad.

We gassed up, got snacks and entered the highway.

"What if he doesn't like me Em?" I ask her.

"Don't be ridiculous who wouldn't love this face," Em teased as she grabbed my chin.

I was filled with emotions at the moment, emotions about Tyler, meeting my dad, and my mother's passing. I couldn't let my dad know I couldn't get along with Norma Jean. My stomach was a ball of knots as I replayed the look on  my fathers face when he opened his door and saw me standing there.

As we got closer my nerves got worse, and I felt a little nauseas.

"We will be at the hotel in twenty minutes," Em warns me.

"Can we just drive by his house, just once?" I begged.

"Fine but Just once, "She finally gave in.

She pulled up the address in her text and we headed for our destination. We finally got to Kane street and turned down it slowly until we got to 7421. All the light were off, and I guess they had all gone to bed.

We went to check in at the hotel, and Em called David to let him know we made it. They talked for a few minutes and it sounded like something had happened. I looked at her when she hung up the phone.

"Call Tyler," she tells me

"What about Helen?" I ask her.

They got in a big fight and he is staying with David for the night," Em explains.

I missed Tyler already, but finding my dad was important to. David had already filled Tyler in on where we were and why.

"Hello pumpkin," Tyler's voice answered.

"Hi sexy," I smile through the phone.

"I'm sorry about Helen," Tyler says.

'It's OK I have other things on my mind," I spoke.

"I know David told me, are you nervous?" Tyler asks me.

"Of course I am, he doesn't even know I exist," I mutter.

"He will love you ," Tyler assured me.

" I need my sleep, I have to go," I told Tyler good-bye

I changed into my Pajama's and climbed in the bed next to Em who was already half asleep. I closed my eyes, and I was out.


When morning came I was all kinds of crazy, I couldn't think straight.

"What are you doing Jess? Get ready we have to be checked out by noon," Em reminds me.

I scurry to the bathroom for a quick shower , get dressed, and then pack up my stuff. It was Monday so I wasn't even sure if he would be home. Em's contact hadn't really mentioned if he operated from home or not.

We pulled back up to 7421 Kane street and parked the car. I was gripping my birth certificate in my hand.

"This is it Jess, do you want me to come with you?" Em asks.

I nod my head yes and we both get out of the car. We cross the street and walk up to the door, and I ring the doorbell.

A man looking similar to the black and white photo, only older answers the door and I freeze.

"Yes can I help you?" he asks politely.

Finally I got the words out, "Jonathan? Jonathan Michael Williams?" I say

"Yes that's me," he repeats.

I hand him the birth certificate and he studies it over, once he gets to the name under mother he looks up at me.

" Norma Jean," he says with a smile.

"Do you remember her ," I ask him.

"Yes, and if your showing me this my ...daughter?" he asks.

I smile at him, and we just stand there in silence for what felt like years. Then his wife came to the door.

"Don't be rude Jhonny let them in," she says.

We follow her into the kitchen to the smell of fresh baked cookies. I can tell my dad is nervous. We all sit at the table.

My dad tells us all the story of the one day him and Norma Jean had together. His wife smiled at him like she had already heard the story. Then he tells his wife the nature of our visit.

"I'm Bethany," his wife extends her hand to us.

"I'm Jessica  and this is my best friend Emily," I return.

"Jessica," my dad says out loud.

"Yes Jessica Jean after my mom," I replied.

"How is your mom?" he asks me as I drop my head.

Then he looks to Em and back to me again.

I finally speak, "She passed recently, and this is how I found you with the information she left in her safety deposit box."

It was all so much to take in, and the vomit felt like it was coming back up. I asked where the bathroom was just in time and close the door.

I could hear the mumble of their voices as I threw up.

I washed my hands and starred myself in the mirror.

I quietly whispered to myself," I finally found my dad."

I left the bathroom and rejoined the table where everyone seemed to be chatting up a storm happily. I smiled an jumped in the conversation.

The End

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