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        I woke up Sunday morning with Tyler hover over me, he had coffee in one hand and a strawberry smoothie for me in the other. He was already dressed, which told me it was time to go. It went by so fast, and I really enjoyed myself. I pouted my lip out as I raised out of bed and dressed myself.

"Don't be sad pumpkin," Tyler said cupping my chin and planting a kiss on my forehead.

"I still have one more trick up my sleeve," he smiled. "I'm going to pack up the car while you finish getting dressed."

We had to be checked out of the resort by 10:00am, and it was already 9:30 am. I text Em while Tyler took the keys back to the manager's office.

Jessica: Hey sis hope I didn't wake you, we are on our way back soon.

Jessica: Tyler says he has one more surprise for me.

Em: OK I'm home

Tyler finished and came back in to get me, he open the car door for me and I got in. It was a two hour drive back, but I had no idea what his surprise was. About an hour of driving we exited 140A a town called Coral Cove, and followed the thin paved road into town. When we stopped, we were parked out side a little cafe called MiMi's. Tyler opened my car door again, and I followed him inside.

Inside was a cute little venue, it had an old fashion feel to it. A curly haired women led us to a booth in the corner.

"Is this my surprise?" I asked Tyler.

"No just feeding my girl breakfast," he winked.

I'm his girl now huh? Well he did say he had the filing in work for his divorce. I opened the menu you selected some butter pecan pancakes and turkey bacon. The pancakes were good, but not as good ad Em's pancakes.

Tyler paid the bill while I used the bathroom and then we were on the road again. We got back on the highway and set for home. A few exits before home we exited again. It was the town over from us called Brunsfield, I had never actually been here. It seemed to be a sleepy little town much like the one we ate breakfast in.We came to a stable and exited the car.

"How did you know I liked horses?" I cried with happiness.

"A little birdy told me," Tyler teased.

It had to have been Em, not many people knew I loved horses. We rode together on one horse, and the feeling of Tyler pressed up against me felt like home. After a few hours it was time to head back home.

I had work in the morning, and Helen was suppose to be back around 5:00 PM. I just held Tyler's hand the rest of the way home and looked out the window at the sunny day.

I was thinking when we got home that Em and I could go shopping. It would be a perfect ending to a magical weekend.

My eyes widened when we pulled up to Tyler's house, Helen was already home and waiting outside. It was to late to try and lie our way out of it. I had my bag in the back seat along with Tyler's.

"I KNEW IT YOU HUSSY TRAMP," Helen yelled as she ran towards me.

"Where are the boys?" Tyler asked with concern as he stepped in the middle of us. Lucky he did because Helen would have caught my right hook.

"HER OF ALL PEOPLE?" Helen asked through her tears.

"Let's take it inside ," He motioned to Helen.

By this time Em and David were crossing the street, they must have heard the yelling. Em ran to my side, to see what was going on.

"Everything OK here ?" Em asked with a look that could kill directed right at Helen.

"David, please take them back to the house," Tyler begged.

"Yeah take that trash home," Helen said as she attempted to spit on me. I tried to break free and charge her but Tyler had me at arms length as well as her.

Out of nowhere Em comes running up and slugs Helen in the nose, and blood was gushing down her face.

"I want to press charges," Helen screamed through her now blood stained teeth.

"DAVID PLEASE!" Tyler pleaded again.

"Jess I will talk to you later," he said in my direction.

Finally David got us back home and in the house. Em was mad, and pacing the length of the kitchen.

"He told me he his getting a divorce," I announced in David's direction.

Em was still wound up from the fists she plowed into Helen's face.

"David I think Em and I need some time alone, do you mind leaving?' I asked sweetly.

"Sure I understand," He smiles.

"Tell Em to call me later," he tells me as he walks out the front door.

After David left I didn't know what to do, I had never seen Em like this before. So I improvised.

"So how was your weekend with David?" I flinched.

The End

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