Emily-Perfect First DateMature


I wake up first and look at my companion on the bed. I'm only ever used to having Jess there so it's a little weird. 

David has stripped his shirt, leaving his chest and abs for the world to see.

I shake my head and start my morning.

After my shower, I take a peak into my room to see David still sleeping, I tip toe over to the bed, leave a towel next to his head and tip toe out. Next, I go downstairs to get rid off the evidence of alcohol and take out the trash. I wave to my other neighbors who are doing the same thing,and then walk back inside.

Then I set the table just like David did last time and pour some lemonade with ice. I'm hoping that my cooking pancakes, will wake him up and get him downstairs. So I quickly mix the flour, eggs, and milk. It didn’t take long for the kitchen to smell delicious and the scent spreading all over the house. I wash strawberries and set them by the big plate of pancakes and put out sour cream as well. One never knows what a guy likes on pancakes. I take some jam for myself.

Have you ever tried jam with sour cream on pancakes- one word… heaven.

“Smells good,” David said behind me and holds out his arms like a zombie, making his way to the table. “Delicious.”

“Kid,” I smirk.

“Adult.” David winks at me. “Come, let’s eat, I got a lot planned today.”

“Fine,” I said and sit down myself. I grab three pancakes, put sour cream on them then jam and look up. “What?”

“I've never seen jam used with sour cream,” David said. 

“It’s heaven.” I bite in enjoying the taste.

We fall into a comfortable silence while we have breakfast. 

It’s broken when David decides to start a conversation.

“So, I was wondering, how can a 23 year old afford to live in a house like this, provide for herself and roommate, and go to law school?” 

I look at him. “I killed someone.” I said it with such a straight face that he believed me for a second.

"What?" He asked. 

I start laughing. “Gotcha! Nah, it's more simple than that really.” I pause and eat a strawberry. “My parents didn’t want me. So, I grew up with a foster family where the father was a first rate asshole and I knew that, I just didn’t know how much. I learned at 19 from a lawyer that my foster family knew my real parents and my real parents left me their house and money in their will. My foster family never told me so when I heard about it, I moved out. I could move out at 19 but before the will, I couldn’t really live on my own. I wasn’t making enough during work hours in shitty jobs.” I eat another strawberry before continuing. “So yeah, my real parents felt bad for putting me up for adoption so I got their stuff. I sold their house because it was too big, bought this one because it's considerably smaller even though still big for me and Jess, and used the money left over to pay for law school and house expenses. I still haven’t touched the money portion of my inheritance, so I'm lucky.”

“That explains it then,” David said with a smile. “I'm sorry that you didn’t have the best childhood.”

“I’m over it,” I told him. “So, what you got planned for today?”

“Finish eating and you'll find out,” David said.

It became a competition of who would finish their food first. Then we leave with me still being in the dark.  

In the car, we talk about yesterday's matches over a span of forty minutes. I squeal with joy and get out of the car seconds before he puts it in park. 

When David gets out of the car, he says, “Jess wasn’t kidding about you loving the zoo.”

I have no idea when Jess gave him that information but I'm thankful. The zoo always makes me feel better. I love seeing the tigers, pandas, snakes and bears. I quickly check my battery life on my cell and pull David to the booth to get tickets to get inside. For the first date, this is perfect.

I drag him around the zoo for the entire day. I took a photo of each animal and David kept taking photos of me. We asked workers or other visitors to take photos of us and we returned the favor. I made David stay at the gate where the two tigers roamed around for thirty minutes, poor guy. He learned everything I knew about tigers in that time frame. We also took photos in photo booth. The frames around the photos were of the animals in the zoo so I was happy I had a lot of dollars with me because by the end of the day, I had like 20 photos of us smiling, laughing, kissing, and cuddling. We had lunch inside the zoo’s restaurant and dinner in a restaurant on the way back.

When we got back home, David continued to flirt with me like he did all day and I ended up allowing him to sleep over again. We ended up cuddling in front of the TV while watching a black and white film with popcorn and wine. After that, David taught me more of the game called GO and then we went to sleep. I fell asleep inside his arms, and for once had sweet dreams. 

The End

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