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I woke up to the sound of the shower running, and the sun peeking through the picture window. Tyler wasn’t going to get away this time, I thought as I slipped out of my clothes.

I tip-toed into the bathroom and pulled the curtain back, Tyler’s eyes widened. I starred at his naked body all lathered in soap, and he was wow! His chiseled chest, his perfect six pack, and well his rather large package which seemed to grow larger at the sight of my naked body.

“Jess..I..what are y..,” he tried to say as I pressed my lips to his.

I pinned him up against the shower wall, and continued kissing him erotically. There was no way he would be able to deny me this time. I pulled out of the kiss and handed him the soap. He washed my back and then I turned to face him. He gentle circled the suds around my breast with great detail, and I pulled him into me. As I pushed my tongue into his mouth he dropped the soap on the shower floor. The hot water was streaming down on our bodies as we kissed uncontrollably.

I jumped up and wrapped my legs around Tyler, and he propped me up against the wall. The feeling of his cock hard against me sent me into frenzy. My breath became heavy and I couldn’t control the moans that escaped as he slid his fingers inside me. I was no longer in control; I was at his complete mercy. His breathing became heavier as he grinded his body against mine. The moans that escaped his throat only excited me even more, and he could sense that.

He grounded his legs underneath me and slid his cock inside me, and I screamed out in pleasure. I couldn’t believe it was finally happening, and he felt so good. He rocked his body against me as the water fell over my face, and I was lost in him at that moment. Every inch of me was exploding, and his moans continued.

“You feel so good,” he panted just as he came inside me.

 We continued kissing for a while, and then we took a real shower before dressing in our swim suites and heading for the beach.

“That was amazing,” I blushed as I grabbed the beach towels.

“Yes it was,”Tyler agreed as he began kissing me again. He leaned me back on the bed and ripped off my bikini and made love to me again.

Finally an hour later we made it to the beach where there was a jet ski waiting for us. We spent most of the day on the water. When the sun started to set we headed in and changed into some dry clothes for the bonfire. Well not before making love again, Tyler had the stamina of a 21 year old guy.

We enjoyed the fire with the other members at the resort, toasting marshmallows and kicking back beer. I was having the best time of my life, and then Em crossed my mind.

 I hope her and David were having as much fun as Tyler and I. We both know she is overdue for some good loving.

We sat by the fire a little while longer before Tyler grabbed my hand and lifted me up, and I met his kiss.

“I have a surprise for you,” Tyler whispered in my ear as he led me away from the others. He told me to close my eyes and he blind folded me. I could tell we were still on the beach as he steered me because I could still feel the sand at my toes.

“OK,” he said as he removed the blind fold.

There was a table in the sand; it was dressed with a white table cloth and a rose colored candle. There were two plates filled with delicious food.

“Wow Tyler this is all a dream come true,” I gasped at the beautiful diner setting.

I knew that the night would end, and I also knew come tomorrow I would have to go back home. Tyler would go back to his wife and me to the job at the diner.  I wished we could just run away. Collect my money and go far away to a place much like this. Who was I kidding; I would never ask Tyler to leave his two boys behind.

I know I was planning on getting my car back on the road, so I didn’t have to depend on Em. I had thought over the whole finding my own place thing, but I was happy with Em.

I breathed in the night air as we ate dinner. Of course you already know what was for dessert.

We made it back to the cabin and fell into the bed from exhaustion.

“Tyler?” I asked in a sad voice.

“Yes pumpkin,” he responded.

“Will I ever see you like this again, for the weekend?” I asked him.

He took a deep breath and replied,” It’s going to take time sweetheart, but that’s kind of what I have been in contact with David for. I want a divorce from Helen; I just can’t do it anymore.”

I smiled,”Really?”

“Yes, but it’s going to be hard for a while, if she knows about us she will make it impossible for me to get joint custody,” he reminds me as I kiss his neck softly.

“Whatever it takes baby,” I exhaled."I want to be with you.”

We made love one last time before passing out in each other’s arm. I was dreading the mornings arrival.

The End

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