Emily-David, a kid at heartMature


After Tyler pulled away with Jess, I stand outside of the restaurant looking at the passerby's. I admit, I feel more shy than ever, because this time I'm alone with David, maybe even romantically. 

"You ready?" David asked me.

I smile at him and nod.

He takes my hand into his and our fingers intertwine. I follow him to the car. He opens the door for me and I get in. "You know that it's very cute when you're this shy. When are you going to get comfortable around me?"

Always a lawyer, this man is... always to the point.

"I... I don't know. Men in my experience are reckless and rude. They always want one of two things- a slave or a sex partner or both. There are men that one might think that they will be good, but then they surprise me...like Jim. You...you're the best so far. I like Tyler, but what he's doing in a way is wrong but I'm not going against it because Jess likes him and they do have a connection. But, if it was someone else doing it, I would probably be writing a letter to the wife. But, I don't like Tyler's wife so she can be afraid for the rest of her life about her man. But I really do want Jess to be happy." Everything that I just said was said with confidence that even surprised me.

"I'm the best so far huh," David said cockily. 

"That is the only thing that you have heard from everything that I just said," I scolded him.

"Yap, because that is what I care about the most," David said and picks up my hand in his.

I smile at him. "You're such a...a...free spirit,"

There is no traffic on the way back so we get home much earlier.

I get a bottle of wine out of the cabinet and two glasses. He takes stuff out of his bag which he brought with him. David brought a chess set, a go set, playing cards (3 decks-one for poker and one for a game called Castle which is like Remi) and a board game.

I set the glasses on the sides of the games he piled up and pour some wine. "You're a child at heart. That's it!"

He laughs. "Yes well, I find that games bring people closer together. I do have to say if you get married in the game of LIFE, I will be really mad."

"Okay, just for that comment, I'm getting married and will have three kids. All of them girls," I said with sticking my tongue out at him.

"Bring it on," David challenged and that is how we started with the first game of the evening, LIFE.

After that game, where I ended up having two boys and one girl because he grabbed most of the girls which made me pout, we played several games of chess where I lost. It was not my evening but it was fun. Played a couple of different card games and ended up playing GO well into the night. It didn't help that we finished the entire bottle and drank half of the other one.

It was the first time for me to play the game GO, let me tell you, it does a number on your brain cells. I don't know how we made it to my bedroom but we did and ended up sleeping with our clothes on all night. 

The End

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