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The day did go faster then I thought, as I looked up and saw Tyler up front. I lost track of time, as it was already ten minutes past my shift.

I gestured I would be right there and grabbed my things, which included my first pay check. Once inside Tyler's car, I smiled as I ripped open my check. He laughed at me as I was a child with a candy bar.

"Hey can we stop and cash my check, I want to get Em something special?" I asked with my puppy dog eyes.

"Anything for you pumpkin," he winked.

After we cashed my check we went to Em's favorite book store, and I found her some crime novels. After that Tyler dropped me off so I could shower and change.

I was happy Tyler was able to get someone to cover at the store without Helen finding out. I wasn't even sure where diner reservations were made, I just knew to be ready at 6:30 PM. David was picking Em up, and I was walking over to Tyler's to ride with him.

I had enough time to give Em her books, and talk about what may potentially happen this weekend. It wasn't long before we were both getting ready and nervously waiting for 6:30 PM.

Finally David Knocked on the door, and I let him in. He had a dozen of red roses for EM, he was thoughtful like that.

"I'm going to Ty's see you in a few," I announced as I walked out the door.

By the time I crossed the street Tyler was already waiting at the front door, and I walked inside.

"You look beautiful," he flirted

I wanted to tell him he looked delicious and I couldn't wait until we were alone, but I simply told him thank you.

He placed a gentle kiss on my lips and said, "Let's head out, David and Em will be waiting for us."

The ride to the restaurant was nice, we caught up on the last few days. When we got to the entrance on the restaurant Treasure Moon, they were already outside waiting.

We followed the waiter to a small room of four tables far in the back, and all four of us took our seats. 

Tyler ordered a bottle of wine for us, and David did the same for him and Em. This was great all four of us together, no work, school, drama, or court cases. I asked Tyler to order for me, and he requested a dish I couldn't even pronounce. It was delicious though, and the wine had me feeling good.

We talked together, and we also dropped into out own private conversation here and there.

"I have a surprise for you Jess," Tyler announced.

I looked at Emily half knowing what it was, just no where.

"I am taking you to a cabin on the beach for the weekend," he confessed. "My buddy's dad owns it, and it will be discreet."

I was so excited, and I love the beach. Good thing I packed my lime green bikini, which was in my bag in Em's car. She brought it for me, we didn't want to look like total blabber mouths. Even though they knew we never kept anything from each other.

"What about you and Em?" I asked David while Em gave me the shut up look.

"Oh don't worry she will be in good hands," David winked at me.

I wasn't sure what he had planned, and from the looks of it neither did Em.

After diner we paid the bill, said our good-byes, and headed for the lake. Tyler said it was a few hours from here. I slid my hand over his and we reached the highway, and he looked over at me.

He mentioned that we would be jet skis, bonfire on the beach, parasailing, and later diner on the beach.

This weekend was going to be one I would never forget.

We finally pulled into the resort a few hours later, our cabin was right off the beach. The moon's reflection looked so beautiful on the water. The sound of the waves were soothing, as the absence of the city had long faded away.

"Would you like to put our bags up and go for a walk on the beach?" Tyler's voice pulls me from my intoxicating surrounding.

"Of course," I tell him.

We walked at the water's edge holding hands, and I felt like I was in the movies. The magic of the moon dancing on the night sky was a treasure in its own.

Tyler kicked the water up with his foot, and as I went to splash him back I lost my balance.

He landed right on top of me, and our eyes were locked. He leaned into kiss me, and my lips were set a fire. Every vein in my body was throbbing as the blood pumped through it. I put my fingers through his soft hair, and grasped tightly. He let out a satisfying moan when I did. I ran my other hand down his back locking on his butt. This excited him even more, and he ran his hand down my legs. I was shaking with passion and I wanted him so bad. His kiss became for powerful, and I let out a soft moan. My breathing was heavy as he pulled from me and starred into my eyes.

I lifted his shirt over his head and pulled him back into my kiss. This was it I was ready, and my heart was ready to plunge out of my chest. I reached down to unbutton his pants and his hand met mine. He pulled out of the his and looked into my eyes.

"Jess I want you, trust me I do," he whispered. "But we have all weekend and I don't want to rush."

I was a little disappointed but at the same time I understood. He helped me to my feet and we headed back to the cabin. If that was just fore play I was looking forward to the real thing I thought as I recalled the way my body felt.

It was already late and Tyler had a whole day of fun planned for us, so we snuggled up in the bed and closed our eyes.

I wondered what Em and David were doing tomorrow, what David had planned.


The End

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