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It was amazing how Ikuto always knew when I was not busy. The moment that Jess went upstairs, he texted me to meet him outside so we could go to the bar together.

This time, I'll make him pay for it. I quickly run upstairs and let Jess know that I was going out with Ikuto. She wanted to come along, but I told her that it was just hanging out and that he did not find her father yet. Her response was a frown but she let it go.

I took my bag and locked the door. Ikuto was again on his motorcycle. I got on and he drove away. I saw Jess waving from her window before he turned onto a different street.

It took me five minutes to see that we're not going to the bar, but it is impossible to talk on a motorcycle. When we park, I realize that it's an Asian boat house.

"You don't mind do you? I know that you're not a fan of Japanese food, but I'm hungry," Ikuto said and we walk into the restaurant.

"I'm okay, I'll just have rice and beef," I said.

We order our food.

"So how is looking for Jess's dad?" I asked. 

"You know how common that name is? I have a long list, which explains why I'm hungry. Some of those men are even criminals. Maybe a better photo, like with a building behind him. A tree does nothing." Ikuto complained and I swear his mouth almost waters because the waiter brings our food.

These places always have fast service.

"I think it's the only photo, but maybe there's more in one of the boxes, or maybe Jim knows something. Ah, I don't want to deal with it," I said and eat some beef. It's pretty good, too.

"I get it, rough. Don't worry, I'll narrow it down without your help but it would be helpful," Ikuto said and eats like two shrimps at once. "So you're finally in relationship, huh."

At that moment, I was taking a sip of sake and almost spit it out at hearing that. "What relationship?"

"Your bestie besides your roommate slash sister is a detective. You really had to ask? I'm surprised that you didn't mention him the last time we talked." Ikuto said and I think back to Tuesday when I met with him and now it's Thursday night.

I roll my eyes. "Fine, but I didn't pay you for researching me and I don't know what kind of a relationship I have with David. I mean I know that I like him and I know he likes me, but we're taking it slow."

"Has anyone told you to take chances on love?" Ikuto asked.

"Has anyone told you, not to meddle?" I teased him and both of us laugh.

"Emily?" I hear David's voice behind me.

I turn around. "David? Hi!"

"Yeah, getting dinner and breakfast," David said and looks at Ikuto.

"Cool," I said, feeling like a caught rabbit. "Oh, this is Ikuto, my best friend and a private detective. He's working on finding Jess's father."

They shake hands.

"Nice to meet you,"David said.

"You too," Ikuto said amused and I kick him under the table. "Ouch."

"So do you realize tomorrow is Friday and you still didn't me what time I'm meeting you guys for dinner and where?" David said a little peeved. 

I completely forgot about it. "Umm, I don't know myself."

He sighs. "It's a good thing that I already talked with Tyler. He's picking Jess up from work and we, meaning you and I, are meeting them at the Treasured Moon French Restaurant at seven."

"We?" I asked.

He again leans in so our faces would be on the same level. "Yes, I'm picking you up at 6:30 PM and we're meeting them at the restaurant."

"Oh," that is the only thing I said.

"Oh, and tell Jess to have a duffel bag ready for tomorrow with some clothing. You're going to bring it for her so Tyler won't know that I blabbed about his plan for the weekend for them." David said and I squeal like a teenager.

"I'll tell her, I'll tell her," I said giddily. 

"Good," David said and leans in to kiss me on my cheek. After the kiss, I blush and he takes his to-go bag. "See you tomorrow."

After he is out the door, Ikuto laughs. "He seems decent enough, but I'll run a background check on him." 

He won't listen to me if I say no so I let it be.

We talk about random stuff, finish our food, and I take two to-go boxes for home. Jess would like the beef that I had and I won't mind a second helping tomorrow morning.  I'm not going to class or have the internship with David so my Friday is open after I drop off Jess in the morning for work.

He drops me off and I walk into the house to see Jess awake. "I'm too excited to sleep about tomorrow so I decided to stay up to wait for you."

I laugh and hand her food. She smiles at me. "Get ready to be more excited. Get a duffel bag ready because Tyler has something planned for you after dinner."

Her smile becomes even bigger. 

The End

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