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I saw Em walk in, I was surprised because I told her Penny would take me home. I couldn't tell in her blank expression if they won the case, which in my mind would probably influence her decision about diner.

"Hey how was court?" I asked when she reached the hostess stand. " Can I get table I would like some coffee," she asked with no expression still.

This didn't look good, I had a feeling the case was lost. I nodded for her to follow me, and I put her in my section.

"We lost the case," she finally said when I returned with her coffee.

I knew it, great now I would feel bad about leaving her alone for the weekend. Then a smile spread across her face like she had been purposely hiding it.

"I'm going to diner Friday," she said still smiling. "I didn't even have to invite him, Tyler already called him. He actually invited me in a way."

" Oh yay!" I cried hugging her like a lost puppy

She finished up her coffee while she waited for me to finish my shift, I was so happy Em was going. It was going to be a great weekend. I had one last thing to deal with, the will reading tomorrow after work.

On the car ride home Em told me all about her day in court. I noticed she had got her nails done, but I was still going to treat her to a full spa day.

" I get my first paycheck Friday," I said proudly as we pulled into the driveway. We spent the rest of the day together talking, watching movies, and cooking.

Tyler never called me, but I would see him in a few days anyway. I decided to take a nice candle light bubble bath and retire early.


My shift flew by Thursday and before I knew it we were on our way to the reading of the will. They were going to ley Jim attend with a police escort of course. Since this was his third strike, he was sentenced to ten years.

The reading didn't take long, Norma had left all her personal belonging's to me, which were boxed up in a stowage shed at . I had to two weeks to go through them before they got auctioned off. She rented an apartment, so no land or house was left to me. Her life insurance was split 50/50, I guess because she felt bad for abandoning Jim.

I would take a few weeks to go through all the channels until I got my half. Jim's would sit in his bank frozen until his parole. What am I going to do with half a million dollars? I couldn't even think, I guess the shock of having money made it hard to think.

When we got home I saw that Tyler was helping Helen pack up the car, I guess she decided to leave tonight instead. As much as I wanted to see him, I knew tomorrow he would be all mine.

Em and I were grateful to finally be drama free. Things were looking up for both of us, at least I thought so. I did know we both needed this weekend. I wasn't sure what Tyler had planned for him and I. After all, kissing is all that  has ever happened between us. I was praying to get some alone time with him.

I was glad I only had to work half day tomorrow, and I was getting my first paycheck tomorrow. I wanted to buy Em something nice until I could get my money for the spa day. Em  was off the rest of the week from school, so I'm not sure how she had been spending her time while I was at work. She didn't really talk about David unless I asked, so I wasn't sure what her feelings were.

I was exhausted, it had been a long week. Em was still watching television when I headed upstairs for bed.

"Hey Em," I called

"Yes?" she asked

I responded with great feeling," Thank you for everything, not just this week but my whole life. "

She smiled at me," Sisters for life that was the promise we made in eighth grade."

"Yes sis for life," I confirmed as I disappeared upstairs.

The End

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