I was really happy that Jess had a ride to work because my mind was a wreck.

I'm meeting David at 11:00 AM at the court house. Right now it's 9:00 AM and I realized that with all the problems and hassle that was going on lately, my nails have been ruined. I parked my car at the parking lot and walked inside the nail salon.

"Welcome miss, what would you like get done this morning?" The nail lady asked me.

"I would like to get my nails done so it would last for two weeks," I let her know.

She smiles up at me, "Right this way."

She points and I take a seat. Then she hands me a booklet with different colors. "Go ahead, choose one. I'll just get new tools." She walks away leaving me to choose colors.

I admit, I am sucker for green but green doesn't work for court and it would look bad. Clear nails don't work because I will never notice that I have spent $40 on them. So I decided on red.

"Red please," I said when she came back. "How long will it take?"

"About 50 minutes. Are you good on time?" She asked.

"Yes, but please don't take longer than that, I got work." I smile.

"I won't, I won't miss," she said and starts working on my nails.

We talk about the men we like and about our favorite foods to pass the time.

She is done in forty-five minutes and I look happily at my nails. I don't have to worry about my hair because it's in a bun. I'm wearing a black suit and a blue dress shirt, with black high heels. The jury will probably notice what lawyers wear just like what our client is wearing. It's amazing what jurors pay attention to.

I grab two coffees, for David and myself, and make my way up a lot of stairs to the court room. You got to love, how court houses have to have this presence about them. I know that I came early, but if I learned anything about him, he's here already.

With both hands taken, the automatic doors are godsend.

"Automatic doors rock!" I said out loud happily.

"Aren't they?" A voice asked. I turn around to see who said it and my eyes widen, it's the lawyer on the other side. Our opponent.

I smile. "Yes they are."

"You will need that coffee, Miss Summers." He said and walks past me.

I get angry, he has no right to talk to me about anything!

I take a different elevator and get off on third floor. I make my way to an office that we have to prepare at. The door is not automatic. I sigh and try to balance my bag and coffee in one hand and open the door. I should thank a god out there because coffee doesn't spill and I see David reading some papers. He smiles at me when he sees me and takes the coffee off my hands.

"Thanks. Hey, I'm so mad right now. I just saw our opponent. I think he was making fun of me." I told him what happened next. He shakes his head at me.

"Ignore him. We're starting twenty minutes earlier so good timing." He takes a sip of the coffee. "Caramel? Nice."

I blush and we make our way to the court room.

I'm surprised to see that our client is already there so are the opponents.

During the entire case, I kept myself quite and only handed papers to David. I was there after all just to get experience and see what a real case looked like. When jurors went to decide the sentence and if our client would be free, I thought my heart would jump out. When they came back, bad news for us. We lost and our client was going away for a long time. Somehow I knew that was going to happen, half way in.

"We lost," I said outside with the sun still shining out.

"Yeah, so what? It happens," David replied. 

"I guess, that's life," I said. 

David leans in to me so his face is on the level of mine. "So, I was wondering about why you didn't invite me to dinner for the weekend. You know the one that Tyler wants to have?"

This time I really blush. "He...he told you? You men talk too much!"

"Hey, having men friends is a good thing, you know. So you going to invite me?" David said playfully.

I resign myself. "David, would you like to have dinner with Tyler, with Jess, and with me, this Friday night?"

He puts his finger on his lips and looks at the sky. "Hmm, I have to check if I'm busy Friday night."

I punch him on the arm. "David!"

He laughs. "Alright, alright. But, this time call me about the details yourself."

I resigned again and titl my head. "Jess is going to be happy."

"Is her shift over now? It's about 4:00 PM," David said. 

I look at my watch and shout, "Oh wow, I have time to pick her up!"

I wave at him and run to my car.

So what we lost the case, I haven't lost David, yet. 

The End

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