Jessica- A dream within a dreamMature


          I was excited about finding my dad, but also nervous. I hugged Em at the thoughtful act, I'm sure it wasn't cheap. It seems she is always doing things for me, it made me feel bad. When I got my mother's life insurance I was going to treat her to something nice, maybe a spa day just me and her.

"Em you have to be up for your case tomorrow, I could of waited," I scorned her although I was grateful.

She just rolled her eyes at me like a child to their mother.

"And we did the drinking start again?" I asked with concern.

"Can we not do this tonight sis, like you said I have court in the morning," Em cleverly reminded me.

"OK fine, but we will get back to the topic soon," I pointed at her. "You remember what happened before."

Em went upstairs to get ready for bed, or the case not sure which. I told her Penny offered to pick me up since we work the same shift tomorrow, plus I knew Em had an important day to prep for. I was a little nervous for her myself, and even more nervous what would happen if they lost. It would predict whether or not she would join Tyler and I for diner Friday.

I stared out the living window at Tyler's house wishing I could see him right now. He was really the last obstacle in my life. Well, beside having to face Jim about mom's will. Wow I haven't thought of Norma Jean as my mom in a long time, I guess death does that to people.

I was really worried about Em, it was almost like she was drifting away from me. I couldn't read her body language lately, and she didn't seem to want to bring David up. It's almost like she thinks she doesn't deserve happiness, but she's wrong. She needs to see I'm doing fine, and she can start focusing on herself again. It's been over six months that I have taken up her time with my drama, it's time it ended. I love living with Em, but I was thinking maybe it was time for me to find a place of my own with my inheritance. I had to get my car running again first, I would worry about everything else later.

I was just about to walk upstairs when my phone buzzed, it was Tyler.

Tyler: You awake?

Jess: yes, was just thinking about you

Tyler: so what did Em say about the weekend?

Jess: she didn't give me an answer yet

Tyler: How did the bank go?

Jess: I finally know who my father is, just not where

Tyler: well it's a start

Jess: Yeah, can I see you?

Tyler: can't slip away tonight, Helen is in a mood

Jess: Ok well how about tomorrow then?

Tyler: I will try, I have to go  

I was a little hungry so instead of going right upstairs I grabbed some left over pizza and headed for the living room.

I was still worried for Em about her court tomorrow, but after the pizza I must of dozed off because I started dreaming.

I was on a park bench waiting to meet my father that Em's friend had located. It was nothing but beauty surrounding me, but I was not in California. It looked more like a scene in Italy you would see in a movie. There was a huge clock tower across the way from me, and according to the time I had ten minutes left to wait. Em wasn't with me, I was just sitting there alone waiting. I breathed in fresh air as a man grew nearer to me, but I couldn't see his face. Then the sky started to darken and the background changed, we were in a big field. It just kept getting bigger, and he was farther and farther away from me. I tried to call out to him, but I didn't have any sound in my voice. I extended my arm out as to reach for him, but then he was gone.

I jumped up to find myself on the couch, and the empty plate shattered on the floor at my feet. It was morning already and I heard Em in the kitchen, she was already making coffee.

"I hear that your awake!" she stated

I got up to get the broom and dust pan from the laundry room behind the kitchen.

"Yes I had a crazy dream about meeting my father, not bad just weird," I told her as I passed.

"Well soon it won't be a dream," Em encouraged me.

I returned with the broom and cleared my mess,  I glanced at the clock and saw it was time to start getting ready for work. After putting the broom back up I leaned in and gave Em a kiss on the cheek.

"What was that for," Em asks me

"Good luck," I smiled as I head upstairs to shower for work.

The End

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