While I was petting Jess's head during the movie, I was thinking about David and how after I let him go, we worked for hours until I had to pick up Jess from work. And after that my mood has just dropped down a mile into a hole. I felt like biting my own nails as my stress level increase.

After Jess fell asleep. I wrote a note and left it on the table:

Going out for a drink, will be back later.

I didn't specify what drink and with who. She would probably think David. If everything goes okay, I'll tell her all about it.

A taxi takes me to the bar, where I always meet my friend, Ikuto. I chose our booth at the back and ordered myself a beer. I pulled out my cell and texted him.

Me: Hey, I'm at our bar. Can you meet?
Ikuto: Perfect timing, see you in ten minutes.
Me: ;)

The bar is full of life, a little annoying.

 I sigh to myself and finish my beer. I wave to the bartender and point at my empty glass. He nods and works on getting me another one.

"Konichiwa," Ikuto said and I look up at him.

"Konichiwa, Ikuto," I replied.

He slides into the booth. The bartender drops off another beer with me and gets the drink order from Ikuto.

Ikuto, is a Japanese man with green hair this time. He changes it monthly. He always has a smirk or a smile plastered on his lips. "So cupcake, what's up? I haven't seen you for a while."

I laugh at his nickname for me. "Well, it's good to see you, and sorry I haven't called you in a while. Law school, Jess, internship took over."

"That's okay, and by your expression, you have a job for me." Ikuto said.

"Always a detective, Ikuto," I teased him. "But yes, I do have a job for you, but please go easy on my checkbook."

He smiles. "I'll give you a discount, but you know I have to feed myself. What's the job?"

"I need you to find someone." Earlier I snapped a photo of Jess's dad. Right now I text the photo over to Ikuto. "His name is Jonathan Michael Williams. That photo is about twenty-two years old."

Ikuto opened the text and cursed in Japanese, "That's it? A black and white photo and a name! Em! I'm not a miracle worker."

I started on my second beer and he on his. He keeps looking at the photo.

"You are, though. When we met, I was surprised at how good you were. I always believed detectives or private investigators don't know what they're doing, but you proved me wrong." I look down at my beer which soon will not be cold anymore. "He's my best friend's father. Jonathan doesn't know that he has a twenty-two year old daughter. Sh...she really needs to find him." I bow my head at him. "Please, help me do this for her."

He tilts his head. "You have a big heart, cupcake."

I blush. "Nah, just being a perfect best friend slash sister."

"I'll do my best, give me a week," Ikuto said with a smile and drinks his beer to the last drop.

"Yey!" I wave my hands in the air.

The bartender takes that as a hint and brings me another beer. I smile up at him and he leaves. It was a good idea to take a taxi.

"But, it will cost you, $2000," Ikuto said seriously and my happiness is short lived.

"Ah!" I yelled making people look at us. "Ah sorry," I blushed from embarrassment and finish my beer.

"Normally, I take five grand minimum for a job like this. But since you're my friend, 2k is the best that I can do." Ikuto said. 

I sigh and pull out my check book. I write out a check and hand it to him. He puts into his wallet. "If I find no information, I'll give you half back. But, there hasn't been a case where I haven't found someone."

That cheers me up. For the rest of the visit, we talked about what has been happening in our lives. He gave me a ride on his motorcycle home and I entered the house to a very angry Jess.

"Ah! Drinking! You never drink and I just saw you get off a guy's motorcycle! It didn't look like you were with David at all." Jess had me cornered.

"Yes," I said. 

"No cover ups," Jess's voice died down.

"Nope, but that man who dropped me off is going to find your father for us," I told her and watch for her reaction. 

The End

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